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CAT5 Catfive Wetsuit Cleaner

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CAT5 Catfive Wetsuit Cleaner


    CAT5 Wetsuit Cleaner is non-toxic, reusable, and biodegradable.

    It removes odor, and keeps the rubber soft and supple.

    Repeated washes on our own T1 Wetsuits, which get used in the ocean here in San Diego, proved this product to work so well, that we decided it would be the first product we do not make, that we will sell to our customers.

    To ask us if it works, we will answer yes and we guarantee it. To ask us how it works, is like asking us how shampoo or soap works.

    HERE IS HOW IT WORKS: BIOCATALYSIS - the process of using single celled micro-organisms to induce chemical transformations upon organic compounds. Biocatalysis is used in the production of yogurt, cheese, soy sauce, and even beer. At Catfive, they use it to remove impurities and degrade organic waste residues from wetsuits. They list their ingredients as "naturally occurring biomolecular catalysts" because the formula is proprietary in nature. They have cultivated a formula through the years which has been specially formulated for neoprene and other soakable materials."

    This process is what makes it reusable! Keep the bucket full of the water and CAT5 mixture and you can wash your wetsuit over and over!

    It works very well on wetsuits and our tests have shown it works well on triathlon clothing too.


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