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De Soto Compression Sock V2

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De Soto Compression Sock V2


    No longer just a recovery sock, the De Soto Compression Sock is designed to be worn before, during, or after activity. Wear them while traveling in a car, on a plane, when walking or running in hot or cold weather. In fact, the high polypropylene fiber composition makes it an ideal sock for snowskiing, snowshoeing, and snowboarding, keeping your feet from getting too hot or too cold. Polypropylene absorbs less moisture than any fiber in the world so your feet and lower legs will stay dryer and more comfortable.

    Target compression to accentuated areas of this new version of our sock offer improved blood flow and oxygen delivery to muscles, thus reducing lactic acid production, and foot and leg swelling.

    This sock has an extra smooth toe seam, it is latex free, and 100% recyclable.

    The medical compression rating is 25 mmHg.

    Fiber Content:

    75% Polypropylene

    15% Lycra

    10% Nylon

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