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RIVIERA TRI SHORT - w/ Mobius Comfort Compression & 7mm Ceramico™ Pad

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RIVIERA TRI SHORT - w/ Mobius Comfort Compression & 7mm Ceramico™ Pad

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    We just keep innovating by making some of our finest products even better with the addition of Mobius Comfort Compression Leg Bands


    • The new Mobius Comfort Compression Band offers a more equally graduated compression around the legs, so you get the same support with no tightness and sqeezing.
    • Waterlid™ pockets allow for swimming with no drag.
    • Made of Forza Compressor™ body and Liftfoil™ center panel for more comfort, durability and faster swimming.
    • Integrated Ceramico™ 7mm Pad. The pad is visible from the inside and the outside. The Integrated Ceramico™ Pad is 7mm thick, soft, stretchy, buoyant, and very durable. Ceramico™ is a polyurethane based coating embedded with rock-hard ceramic beads. The pad is sewn onto the surrounding panels instead of inside the garment, so there are no seams on any part of where you sit.
    • This environmentally-friendly innovation is completely free of solvents.

    Not recommended for repeated use in a chlorinated pool.

    Inseam lengths:

         Small: 8" (20.32cm)

         Medium: 8.5" (21.59cm)

         Large: 9" (22.86cm)

         XLarge: 9.5" (24.13cm)

    Outseam lengths:

         Small: 14" (35.56cm)

         Medium: 15" (38.10cm)

         Large: 16" (40.64cm)

         XLarge: 17" (43.18cm)

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