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Women's Liftfoil Speed Trisuit with coldblack®

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Women's Liftfoil Speed Trisuit with coldblack®


    2015 Model.

    USAT approved and WTC Legal and now with coldblack®

    This speedsuit has no rubberized material, no polyurethane, and no neoprene. It abides to WTC's recent ruling on swimskins, speedskins, swim apparel...whatever WTC wants to call it.

    Now we offer it with our colorful one-piece float pad (same pad found in our Forza Riviera Tri Short and Forza ITU Trisuit. Since the pad floats, you swim faster. This unique pad stretches with the short and follows your skin as it moves on the bike and run, eliminating the friction that can cause irritation or rashes. The pad is a thin version of our famous 400-Mile Pad used in our bike shorts and bib shorts. Remember this speedsuit is also a Trisuit! Wear it the entire race!

    coldblack®: Sun Reflector – UV Protector

    Dark colors heat up stronger when exposed to direct sunlight compared to light colors. This no longer needs to happen! Now there is coldblack®, a special finishing technology for textiles which reduces heat build-up and provides reliable protection from UV rays.

    coldblack® technology offers two innovative benefits:

    1. Effective heat management

    Light colored textiles reflect both visible and invisible rays of sunlight, meaning both heat and light. Dark colored textiles absorb both types of rays and therefore absorb heat. coldblack® reduces this absorption of heat rays, particularly in the case of darker colors, and in all types of textiles. The result is tangibly better heat management. Because textiles finished with coldblack® heat up less in all colors compared with material without a coldblack® finish.

    2. Reliable protection from UV rays

    The coldblack® technology guarantees a minimum UPF 30 protection (blocks 70% of UV rays) when applied to any textile in any color without affecting the look or feel of the product. As a result, textiles with coldblack® can make an effective contribution to protecting against harmful UV rays.

    The Liftfoil has no pockets and no lining. It is designed to help you swim faster during non-wetsuit swims. Designed with a back zipper (16-inch YKK® zipper) which allows you to ventilate by unzipping during the run. Hydrolinear™ seamlines hug your body while allowing for maximum reach and glide in your stroke, with no friction against your skin.

    Our tests have shown varied improvements of swim times of about 2-4 seconds per 100 meters, depending on the individual, over a conventional swimsuit. This translates to 1'00" for 1500 meters and 2'40" for a swim of 4000 meters. Of course, as with all our products, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Test it for yourself. If you do not find it performs to your expectations, you may return it for a complete refund.

    To summarize:

    • 1. Swim faster in it and use it either a speedsuit or a trisuit.
    • 2. Swim, bike and run it it.
    • 3. Made for races that do not allow wetsuits.
    • 4. No rubberized material, no polyurethane, no neoprene.
    • 5. Now offered with coldblack® cooling and UV protection technology!
    • 6. 100% satisfaction guarantee!
    • 7. Approved for all USAT sanctioned races, and WTC legal for all Ironman and 70.3 races.

    This garment is not designed for repeated use as a swimsuit in a chlorinated pool.

    Float Pad Dimensions:

         Max Thickness: .157" (4mm)

         Min Thickness: .05" (1.25mm)

         Total Length: 9.5" (24cm)

         Front Max Width: 2.25" (5.7cm)

         Waist Width - most narrow point: 2" (5cm)

         Back Max Width: 6.75" (17.1cm)

    Inseam lengths:

         Small: 7.5" (19cm)

         Medium: 8" (20.3cm)

         Large: 8.5" (21.5cm)

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    Product FAQs

    2. How durable is this suit as far as retaining its hydrodynamic advantages?
      This suit will help you swim faster in triathlons that do not permit wetsuits. Unlike similar "swimskins" that require you to remove them after the swim portion, the Liftfoil, with its Floatpad™, is designed so that you can swim, then bike, then run, all in complete comfort and without having to change. It has no pockets and is ideal for shorter triathlon where you do not need pockets, and where you ultimate goal is to finished faster without ever changing. It does also work well for longer triathlons that do not permit the use of wetsuits. In this case, we suggest the use of a fuelbelt, or we suggest changing from swim to bike to run given that the time required to change is minimal compared to the rest of the race.
    2. How durable is this suit as far as retaining its hydrodynamic advantages?
      The reason other suits don't last very long is that their hydrodynamics come from a chemical coating put on the fabric which tends to wear off after a number of washings and uses. Our Liftfoil has not such coating. So the hydrodynamic advantages last as long as the suit's elasticity and tightness remain consistant on the person's body. This of course will depend on the care given to the garment.

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