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Water Rover Pullover

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Water Rover Pullover


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    2010 Model on sale!

    This wetsuit is still legal in over 3000 non-USAT and non-WTC sanctioned races.

    On June 21, 2010, USAT sent out a press release with the following statement: ""Studies have shown there is a marked and measurable performance benefit to the use of certain wetsuits, specifically added buoyancy effectively reducing passive drag. These performance benefits have led to an increased, and artificially induced, reduction in physical demand required during the swim leg of a triathlon and an increase in speed.""

    So they have said what we have been claiming all along....the T1 Water Rover is so fast, it will one day be illegal.

    We have developed a wetsuit that contains Yamamoto #39 Super Composite Skin rubber with panels of 2mm, 5mm, 8mm, and 10mm thickness in specific locations to maximize speed, flexibility, and ease of removal, while keeping you warm without overheating.

    Water Rover Pullover

    • 2mm: Our most flexible rubber is found on the entire torso, neck and shoulders. As with all T1 Wetsuits, maximum reach, shoulder flexibility and arm rotation are reached.
    • 8mm: Found only on the arms from the triceps to the wrists. This thickness creates a larger surface area with which to push water. The thick arms also create an additional level of surface buoyancy during the reach and glide phase of the swim stroke. We are the first to offer this.
    • 5mm: These special panels on the forearms simplify the donning and removal of the Water Rover. On the forearms, the 5mm to 8mm seam creates a step that becomes a bigger "paddle" with which to push water.

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    Product FAQs

    1. Is the Water Rover legal in WTC Races?
    2. Is the Water Rover legal in USAT Races?
    1. Is the Water Rover legal in WTC Races?
      As of September 1, 2010, the Water Rover is banned in WTC Races. However, you can still use it in USAT Races!
    2. Is the Water Rover legal in USAT Races?
      NO, but many Water Rover owners who do not compete for age group or overall placings and awards are still using them in USAT races and continue to use it in thousands of non-USAT races around the world. We encourage you to enquire before using your Water Rover if you plan on winning your age group.

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