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Ceramico Pad


Ceramico™ is a polyurethane based coating embedded to the outside of pad with rock-hard ceramic beads. You actually see these beads on the outside of the pad, and therefore, from the outside of the garment!. The Integrated pad is sewn onto the surrounding panels, instead of inside the short, so there is no fabric covering the pad, and so there are no seams on any part of where you sit. The inside of the pad is a soft plush fiber that stretches with the short and follows your skin as it moves on the bike and run, eliminating the friction that can cause irritation or rashes. Since the pad floats, you will not be bogged down if you chose to wear this garment under a wetsuit for a long race. This environmentally-friendly innovation is completely free of solvents.

This is the name of each pad.

This is the thickness of each pad.

This is the other side of the pad, which is now the outside of your shorts.

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