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Compression Socks

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No longer just a recovery sock, the De Soto Compression Sock is designed to be worn before, during, or after activity. Wear them while traveling in a car, on a plane, when walking or running in hot or cold weather. In fact, the high polypropylene fiber composition makes it an ideal sock for snowskiing, snowshoeing, and snowboarding, keeping your feet from getting too hot or too cold. Polypropylene absorbs less moisture than any fiber in the world so your feet and lower legs will stay dryer and more comfortable.

Target compression to accentuated areas of this new version of our sock offer improved blood flow and oxygen delivery to muscles, thus reducing lactic acid production, and foot and leg swelling.

This sock has an extra smooth toe seam, it is latex free, and 100% recyclable.

The medical compression rating is 25 mmHg.

 Fiber Content:

  • 75% Polypropylene
  • 15% Elastane
  • 10% Nylon


Q: Are the mediums just shortern than the large, are they smaller in width, and are they suppose to fit like a pair of tights?

A:  You have a great question that appears to have 3 parts to it:

The mediums not just shorter, they are also smaller in width.  As for how tight they should fit compared to a pair of tights, I cannot give you an answer since I do not know how tight are the tights to which you are referring.  But I will answer the tightness question by assuring you of this.  The graduated compression technology in our sock offers effective compression which is to a certain extent, is independent of tightness.  That is to say, 


Remember that the purpose of compression for recovery is to reduce arterial clotting (caused by gravity) and to stimulate venous return to the heart.

The way these socks are loomed, along with the 3 fibers used to make the yarn, will offer the correct compression to your legs.  What is most important in determining the correct size are:

1.  Making sure the foot part fits correctly from toe to heel.  This is why we gage our sizing on shoe size.

2.  Properly putting on the sock so that you are effectively working the sock up the leg inch by inch rather than stretching it on from the top.

From there, the graduated compression releases in the tighter parts of the leg, while hugging the looser parts of the leg.  Compression Socks are tightest at the ankles, gradually becoming less constrictive toward the knees.  So if that is what you are feeling then you are in the correct size.  Again, if you bought large because your shoe size corresponds to large, then give them a chance.  If they are a bit long, I would suggest one of two options, but try them both independent of the other:

1.  pull them up and fold them over to your liking.

2.  pull them up so that top is not folded, then pinch the sock out and release them in different places so as to even out the stretch.

Email us at with any other questions.



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United States
Awesome Compression!

These socks have been a critical element in my training and recovery. These are extreamly comfortable and often find them under my office attire! ;)

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