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MASK COMFORT KIT DELUXE - Ear Saver/Mask Leash/Cord Locks/Strap Loops

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We have added more ways to make the mask you own fit better, more comfortable, more adjustable, or just make it less of a hassle to put on.  The Mask Comfort Kit will save your ears, create a better seal on your face, make it easier to breath, and will keep the mask around your neck when you do not have to have it on your face.

Works well for most brands of face coverings and face masks, not just those we sell.

10 STRAPS all over 20 inches long

 - 2 x 1-inch laser-cut pulled-ribbon straps (graphite color)

 - 4 x 1/4-inch khaki folded straps sewn with a single chain stitch

 - 2 x 1/4-inch silver folded straps sewn with a single chain stitch

 - 2 x 1/4-inch black folded straps sewn with a single chain stitch


Made of nylon (not cheap plastic) with spring-loaded actuator and large trap hole, so it fits two straps. These are high quality cord locks that will not break or crack easily. Simply push the straps through with a paper-clip or tweezers, actuate the spring by squeezing the little side buttons. These work well with all our masks including the Reversible Mask with ear loops. (see photo)


There are many types and size of these little loops out there, but ours fit over any of the straps on our masks, as well as those of most other brands. Made of silicone, these stretchy loops are durable, washable, will stay in place, and will last longer if you do not use a heat dryer.

HOW TO INSERT A LOOP ONTO MASK USING A PAPER CLIP:  We will soon be posting here a video showing how easy it is to get these little guys on.

Do you own an ear loop mask?   Save your ears with a leash that pulls the mask ear loops behind the ears around the neck or lower part of your head  Keep in snug with a cord lock. This makes an ear loop mask fit better against your face, it also alleviates the pain or discomfort from having something hanging on your ears for an extended period of time.  Simply use a straps and a cord lock!

The mask leash allows your mask to be off your face, yet hang around your neck, so you can pull it up for protection when needed, like before getting out of your car, or if someone walks up to you. 

Do you own a "head/neck strap" mask?  (1-Ply and 3-Ply models) Use the cord locks for continuous adjustability on any "head & neck strap" mask.  If you accidentally cut your straps too short, you can simply add to length to your current straps by tying on more or using the cord locks.

Do you own a Headtube?  Use about 6 inches of strapping and a cordlock to make a synching tool so that you can make your Headtube fit well on a smaller face.  See the photos on this product page and see the video page for instruction!

Make your own mask!  There are enough straps in each kit for 5 complete head/neck masks, or for as many as 20 ear-loop masks, depending on design.

Made of highly-durable, lazer-cut Skin Cooler™ fabric



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