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Protective Wear

Why Buy Skin Cooler™ Face Masks?

Our Masks stretch in every direction, the straps stretch too. 

Our masks are completely adjustable and customizable with the Mask Comfort Kit (sold separately).

Our 3-Ply mask and Hybrid Mask gives you many options to personalize the fit to your face, your head, and your needs.

Our 3-Ply masks (for adults, or for kids, have a pocket. We were the first to offer this feature.

Skin Cooler™ Fabric is highly breathable, yet has a tight knit for more protection.

The print designs on our masks are sublimated, not wet printed.  This means the colors will remain bright and vibrant and will never fade.  It also means the technical integrity of our Skin Cooler Fabric will never be compromised.

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