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Transition Pack Combo

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This is a special package of the Transition Pack V8, GreenGoma Swim Cap, and Race Number Belt.  Order it here to get all three when you order a complete T1 Wetsuit (one top and one bottom).



  • 3 mm GreenGoma™ #9 Limestone derivative rubber for insulation and warmth
  • A thin profile chinstrap maximizes comfort, while minimizing the potential for chafing and breathing obstruction
  • This cap will add 5-7 degrees (F) of warmth and water temperature comfort
  • Added buoyancy of the head makes it easier to lift the head to site and breathe
  • Back of the neck is cut high to avoid chafing while sitting or wading in water 

  NOTE ON HOW TO PUT IT ON:  People intuitively want to put their head into the bigger of the two openings, but that won't work. Put your head first into the small opening of the cap as that part goes around your neck and the big part is your face. You'll know if you have it on correctly when the GreenGoma logo is on the back of your head.


New Features:

  • 45 denier polyester with TPU (Thermoplastic PolyUrethane) laminate makes this pack highly water-resistant and very durable
  • TPU finish gives a high gloss patent leather appearance
  • Bottom entry wetsuit compartment has heat sealed seams making it waterproof
  • Inverted nylon zippers create a streamline appearance and ensure smoother operation
  • Zipper pulls made of round nylon mountaineering cord for durability
  • Ergonomic shoulder straps made out of high-density foam for improved comfort when the pack is full
  • Vertical daisy chain the on outside to attach straps for carrying additional items like a floor pump, towel, yoga mattress, shoes, fleece or down jacket.
  • 2 D-ring straps included
  • Breathable foam padding against back offers comfort and insulation to hydration bladder pocket (bladder not included).

Favorite Features Remain:

  • Exterior helmet holder, with quick open for removal
  • Large top-loading main compartment overtakes the entire space of all other compartments if you want a duffel-style pack for optimal space.
  • Vertical Mid-Belly™ zipper for easy access to items at the bottom of the pack
  • Long transition rack strap to hang the pack
  • Light-color interior for easy viewing of what is inside and to eliminate the "Black Hole" effect.  Red has a red interior, White has a white interior, Royal has an orange interior.  All have black wetsuit compartment.
  • Interior case made of soft-plush fabric for sunglasses or swim goggles
  • Inside pocket against the back holds a hydration bladder (not included)
  • Exterior pop-out pocket holds 32 ounces (1-liter) drink bottle
  • Mesh water bottle holder fits a liter-size bottle
  • Waist strap with a durable nylon buckle makes carrying the pack more comfortable
  • Large exterior zippered mesh pocket
  • Don't lose your keys again! - Interior key ring loop inside the large exterior mesh pocket
  • TSA approved size for check-in luggage (simply pull out the helmet prior to placing in overhead storage).
  • The pack has a volume of 4000 cubic inches (65-liter) including the expanding helmet holder.  Height=22 inches, Average Depth=13 inches, Width=14 inches

NOTE:  We recommend not exposing any pack or product made of TPU to extreme temperatures above 120ºF (49ºC) or below 32ºF (0ºC), due to the possibility of the urethane melting, or freezing and becoming brittle respectively.

Race Number Belt

When some of us here at De Soto started racing triathlons, a racebelt was simply the elastic from an old pair of underwear with a couple of safety pins! Times have changed and guess what? These days are better than the good ole days. Stuff is just better! Our new Racebelt 2 is a perfect example.

Never lose a snap, button, or cord lock again because there are none! Hold your race number on with these new “locking mini-clipboard” attachments that never get lost. The support for each buckle has little loops where you can carry gel packs, or from which to hang your sunglasses. These supports are completely adjustable to work with any size race numbers.

This amazing necessity to every serious triathletes arsenal is 1.25 inches thick, soft, very stretchy, and non-binding. The buckle is made of a strong non-brittle molded nylon and the belt is completely adjustable to fit almost anyone. 


  • Use this race belt to attach your race number so that you do not have to put pin holes in your clothing.
  • Put the belt on around your waist so it is stretched a bit prior to attaching the race number.  That way, it will stay in place and not come off when you put it on for the race.
  • Use it with the De Soto Logos right-side up to keep your number from hanging too low and to keep it from hitting your legs.
  • Wear it under your wetsuit to save yourself time in transition.
  • Wear your number on your low back under your wetsuit and during the bike, then spin it around to the front for the run.
  • Use it for triathlons, marathons, 10K's, or any race that requires you to wear a number.

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