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Meet our 2018 Ambassadors / Femmebassadors


JAMIE BROUSSARD - Racing fuels Jamie's competitive spirit, makes her feel alive and allows her to be a better role model for her daughter.  She's constantly striving to be the best she can be. Jamie started swimming when she was 9.  Since then she's competed in swim meets, triathlons, cycling races, or running events yearly.  She says she doesn't have a huge "transformation" story of her adult life. Being active and racing is just a part of who she is.


ANDREW HARLEY's first pair of tri shorts were De Soto Riviera's. He's been a loyal athlete ever since. Andrew trains and races with the Playtri race team and takes an active role coaching a youth triathlon team on their behalf. 

ALEX DEMOSTHENES is passionate about growing the sport of triathlon and the community. He's published a short ebook about getting into the sport, along with a bunch of helpful tips. He's focused on hitting the podium for 2018 season. 

BETH HODGES JAMES and her daughter ELIZA JAMES are Team Liza. In 2004 Beth and her daughters were in a horrible car crash and her daughter Liza suffered a severe brain injury. TeamLiza is now on deck to compete in IRONMAN Wisconsin on 9/9/2018. Beth has two big motivating factors for Team Liza in their first full Ironman together. First and foremost is Liza, but also, inspiration for others. “Her happiness is why I am so movtivated to keep going,” says Beth. “Our key goals is to not only finish but motivate other families with a challenged athlete to go out.”

BILL BEST came to Ironman at age 50 forever changing his life.  He is 7-time Ironman finisher including Kona in 2013 (despite 3 flats), 10-time 70.3 finisher and an Ironman Certified Coach. Bill has 3 daughters, an amazing grandson, an incredibly supportive wife of 36 years. He runs two successful businesses. Bill's motto is “Never Stop Believing”. He trains and races in De Soto and loves the Skin Cooler shirts. He is currently working through his "bucket list” of a half and a full Ironman on every continent. He's planning to tackle the Coast to Coast in New Zealand in 2020 with his middle daughter.

KRISTEN HETZEL is a Duathlete on Team USA, 6th in the World in her Division, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Personal Trainer, Actress, and Fitness Model. This woman does it all, and with a SMILE!

EMIR BABIC has completed five, 70.3 and 7 Olympic distance triathlons. His goal is to finish a full Ironman race with the help from his coach. Triathlon is a way of his life and he loves racing and beating his own personal best. 


CAMERON SMITH is an international triathlete that has worn De Soto Sport for the last 20 years! During the off-season Cameron enjoys XC ski racing in Norway at -35 below C.

GAIL LOHMAN learned to swim at age 49 so she could do an IM at 50. You know, a bucket list item. It was only going to be one and done.  She got hooked and have done many since then.

ANTHONY DIAZ is a father of two and a competitive cyclist, runner, and martial artist. He has ridden over 40,000 miles in De Soto Shorts. His favorite model? Forza Tri Shorts.

JENNIFER KING is an Ironman triathlete and mother of 3. She's worn De Soto since she entered the sport in 2009. She prides herself on overcoming her fears and inspiring others along the way. 

DAVID PANJADA trains with his lovely wife of 17 years Jamie. Together they race endurance events such as Ironman and marathons while raising four children. Now that's endurance AND teamwork!

GREG SULLIVAN has been representing De Soto since 2002. He qualified for Kona at IM Maryland in 2017 wearing our Skin Cooler Longsleeve. 

SCOTT GILL is an active member of the triathlon and endurance community. In recent years he put his competitive side on the back burner to raise his two children with his wife. This year he and his wife are focused on racing. They want to qualify for 70.3 IM Worlds in Nice, France AND celebrate their 10-year anniversary. 

BONNIE DOERFLER is a passionate marathoner and triathlete. She's a big fan of the Skin Cooler line for UVB sun protection and cooling element.

DEE ANN MURPHY - Swim/Bike/Run has taken DeeAnn from Sprints to Ironman. It has given her the ability to face life from a new perspective with strength and perseverance. That alone inspires her to inspire others.

MANMADG REBBA is passionate about endurance and has raced Ultraman in Kona. He loves our Skin Cooler for the ability to cool the body in hot and humid temperatures. 

ISMAR AVDIC is new to triathlon and ready to start his first dedicated year racing. 

MARYJANE ROSE tries to push her limits and to inspire her children.  She wants to be an example to her girls and show them strength comes in many forms. 

BILL DOWNING is representing De Soto Sport with Team RWB (RedWhite&Blue). Team RWB's mission is to enrich the lives of America's veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.

KRISTIN RADCLIFF is fiercely loyal to DeSoto. She's consistently impressed with the fit, quality and all around work the company does. She enjoys being able to personally email Tracy, to have her promote the body positive for all kinds of women.... She will never wear anything else. Her husband often says, "what De Soto stuff DON'T you have?" 
She also loves Triathlon. It allows her to a) diversify workouts b) not get bored and c) tune into her childhood competitive swimmer self.

GEORGE JUDD was stuck by lightening, after that decided to do his first triathlon. George has completed many races since then, and has inspired his daughter to compete in Ironman with him. 

MICHELE REITZ does triathlons because it makes her set goals to be healthy, have fun and to see her friends. She feels training is a way to get outside and be active and stay young! 

IMRE "ROLAND" VARGA is a loyal De Soto athlete and has been racing to raise awareness for blood clotting disorders with Clot Buster for the last 10 years. He races all distances of triathlon and loves our Forza tri shorts and Skin Cooler tops. 


SUSAN RIGGIO loves trail running!  She feels it's meditation in motion. Susan's completed many 50-mile trail running races as well as 150+ Ultra Self-Supported races and Ironman events.

MARTY LANGAN has been racing triathlon since 2001 and has completed all distances. This year he's upped his training significantly with goals of podium in his AG 65-69. Go get it Marty, We believe in you! 

JOHN KLUKACH is a long time De Soto Sport Ambassador. He's a proud father of two beautiful girls and a survivor of Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He's raised funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society for the 7 Ironmans he's raced. It's something he intends to do for as long as he can, at least one per year. He is also a coach for Team in Training.

KELLY THOMAS lives and trains at the North Pole aka Alaska. She's very creative in finding ways to train for triathlon in less than desirable conditions. 

JOHN FIELDING is husband, father of three and likes to help out others. He enjoys racing triathlon in his "spare" time and is training for his first Ironman.


KATHERINE NICHOLS has been sporting De Soto Sport since 1990! She won her AG recently at IM Cozumel, and has raced IMKona four times. In addition, she's an accomplished journalist and mother of two. 

MARTIN FEENEY is an accomplished triathlete who often ends up on the podium. He excels at ITU draft legal races.    

SHELLY HORMAN has been a loyal De Soto athlete for the last 10 years. She races in triathlon and teaches spin class in her spare time.    

JIMMIE SCOTT started out in the world of triathlon through Xterra. His family has a history of skin cancer so he was naturally drawn to our Riviera Flisuit. He has an aggressive race schedule lined up for 2018 with 13 triathlons, 1 duathlon and 2 10ks on the schedule. 

PAUL SPENCER - On the 1st of April 2020 Paul will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest human powered circumnavigation of the globe. Paul is a huge fan of the 400-Mile Bib Short.

RUSSEL L. REINBOLT is an extreme ultramarathon runner, specializing in races longer than 100 miles, in both extremely hot or extremely cold conditions.

RODNEY RADCLIFF is a long time runner and triathlete who loves to challenge himself and be a role model for his two children. He has completed triathlons from sprint distance through full Ironman and most recently ran in the 2018 Boston Marathon.

CYNTHIA PLATKO lives and trains in Nevada and is a huge fan of De Soto's Skin Cooler for sun protection. Her big race this year is Ironman Maryland. 

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