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Dos Almas 55 Plata

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  • Production #1 - 1300 total bottles produced  
  • Tequila for the true aficionado - 55% ABV, 110 Proof, organic, double distillation, made of 100% Blue Weber Agave, straight from the still.
  • Experienced and discerning palates will appreciate the sweet taste of the agave plant by enjoying young tequila, which has never seen the inside of a barrel. Dos Almas 55 is pure, raw, and artisanal; direct from the still, with an alcohol content of 55 percent, nothing added, and nothing removed. Experience this translucent tequila slip through your lips and off your tongue, evoking a physical heat and spiritual intensity. 

According to the CRT (Consejo Regulatorio del Tequila), the governing body in Mexico which controls the authenticity and quality of all tequila, there are over 3300 different tequilas produced by more than 1600 brands.  There are only about a dozen worldwide that are 110 proof and even fewer available in the USA.


The reason is not what you think, and we know you are thinking its to get that magical buzz going faster.  The real answer is that it is the most pure form of tequila and it offer the truest and most artisanal aroma, flavor and enjoyment of the agave plant.  It is the way you might get to taste straight from the “alambique” (“still” in Spanish).  That stuff is really difficult to drink.  We softened the racy burn of the alcohol by doing one unique and simple process not done by any other maker.  We not tell what that process is, but we will tell you that Dos Almas 55 is not run through any sort of screens, fibers, “carbon,” or any other sort of semi-permeable membranes in filtration as that, along with the dilution with water alters the taste of every one of those 40% (80 Proof) tequilas you find in the store.

  • How to drink it: We recommend a snifter or a large red wine goblet straight up at room temp. Swirl it and then smell it with the glass slightly tilted keeping your nose at the top of the glass with your lips at the bottom as if you were going to sip it.  This will open your olfactory senses, then sip it and keep your mouth closed as you swallow.  After taking a few breaths with your mouth closed, and you open your mouth again, you will taste the magic. This process will help you appreciate the sweetness of the agave plant we use in our product, along with one unique step in the process that gives ours such a unique taste.  If straight up is too intense, enjoy using half the amount you would normally use in a margarita, Mexican Mule, or Tejito (Tequila Mojito). 

Dos Almas products are made entirely of certified organic ingredients, and our company is awaiting certification. We have created some very unique tastes by altering the typical process of tequila production. As a result, our product is not the cheap, but it certainly is far from being the most expensive.  It is very high quality, we are meticulous about the process we use, and are particular about the ingredients we choose.  We are doing things in a way that coincides with the soulful lifestyle we live here at the beach in San Diego.

SPECIAL OFFER:  Due to federal law, we as the manufacturer and importer of this spirit are not allowed to sell it directly to the consumer.  We are required to sell it to a establishments licensed to sell to the consumer.  We hope you will support our new venture.  When you do, we will offer you a coupon code to get 30% off your next order of De Soto Products from our website.  Simply email us  to with your order confirmation from the above website.  We will then send you the code!

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