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How Dos Almas Tequila is Made

HOW TEQUILA IS MADE (THE SHORT VERSION):  Agave Tequilana plants are grown for many years before harvesting. The leaves are cut off and the heart or piña is baked and juiced of it's syrup, which is then fermented and distilled.


While many believe it is some sort of succulent or cactus, the Blue Weber Agave is actually a part of the lily family of plants.  Dos Almas products are made using only this wondrous plant for the process in making both tequilas present in the two very different products we make.  But the tequila used in both is made at the same time so we will start that part of the story.

Below is the young Blue Weber Agave plant.  The agave we use are planted with plenty of space to allow for larger growth and sweeter maturation. To reach the correct sweetness levels needed to ferment properly and to create maximum aromas and flavors, agaves must reach a certain level of sugar content. This can take 5 to 10 years.  Weather, disease, and elevation can age a plant differently.  Ultimately, the ripeness to attain our desired level of sugar concentration is how we determine when we will harvest the agave.

Emilio has turned three decades of passion for tequila and the agave plant into a new business.  His two tequila potions sit on the most extreme opposite sides of a continuum. One is for the most dedicated of tequila aficionados, the other is for those who perhaps have never taken a liking or have had a bad experience with mass-produced brands.


The organic agave plants we harvested for our first production come from the Los Altos region of Jalisco, in the high mountains east of Guadalajara.  The harvested "piñas" look like this.  Piña is pineapple in Spanish. It is called that because it looks like a large pineapple, but is just the heart of the plant after the long spiny leaves have been cut off at the base.

We then cut the piñas in half before slow baking them in old traditional brick ovens.

Below is what the baked agave looks like when you cut it open.  If take a sliver of this and bite into it, you will enjoy a very sugar sweet taste of the nectar.  

Next the baked piñas are crushed in a mill to get all the juice out.  The juice is then fermented. (coming soon!)

As we continue to update the process we take in making our product, we hope you will support us by buying our finished product.

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