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Women's Forza Tri Jersey Short Sleeves

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Women's Forza Tri Jersey Short Sleeves

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    The Forza Femme Collection has been spared no expense to provide you with the ultimate in comfort and performance. This is the case with our first sleeved jersey. Made of coldblack® body, small Skin Cooler™ panels to aid in cooling and ventilation, 3 back pockets, front YKK® zipper, and flatstitch seams. This new sleeved version provides you with much needed sun protection for long rides and races. The sleeves extend over the deltoids and are perfect to wear with our Arm Coolers (AC). The tide is turning on performance cycling jerseys being more skin tight and aerodynamic, but nobody needs aerodynamics more than a triathlete racing alone against the clock and in a pack of riders.

    coldblack® technology offers two innovative benefits:

    1. Effective heat management

    Light colored textiles reflect both visible and invisible rays of sunlight, meaning both heat and light. Dark colored textiles absorb both types of rays and therefore absorb heat. coldblack® reduces this absorption of heat rays, particularly in the case of darker colors, and in all types of textiles. The result is tangibly better heat management. Because textiles finished with coldblack® heat up less in all colors compared with material without a coldblack® finish.

    2. Reliable protection from UV rays

    The coldblack® technology guarantees a minimum UPF 30 protection (blocks 70% of UV rays) when applied to any textile in any color without affecting the look or feel of the product. As a result, textiles with coldblack® can make an effective contribution to protecting against harmful UV rays.

    Match it with our popular Women's Bike Short (WB1), Women's Forza Tri Short (WFTL) or our new Women's Riviera Tri Short for the ultimate two-piece long distance race outfit.

    This item is not designed for repeated use as a swim suit in a chlorinated pool.

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    Product FAQs

    1. What does it feel like?
    2. Can I wear this piece on the bike?
    1. What does it feel like?
      Here is a testimonial from a customer: "I wore my new Women's forza Tri jersey short sleeved top for this entire workout and it's AMAZING. I never had to yank or tug or pull it around during the whole night. It got quite a few compliments. I wore a black bra under it and the ladies liked that it wasn't see through in the front (my jersey is white). The jersey fits like a glove and was noticeably compressive in the ribcage just below my breasts. Kept everything in really nice!"
    2. Can I wear this piece on the bike?
      From a recent customer: "I wore the Forza Tri Top on my 2.5 hour ride this afternoon. I love everything about it. The jersey completely covered my torso and backside eliminating any gapping for sunburns. The black fabric never felt hot, in fact it had the opposite effect, it was cooling. Love, love, love the 3 back pockets and the front zip. Those two features are usually over looked in women's cycling garments. The white contrast lines were complimenting to my figure which put the frosting on the cake!" -Katie, Seal Beach

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