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Blast Radius Coffee JetPacks, box of 10

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"Since 1990 we have never sold any product that we did not create ourselves, until now.  Blast Radius Coffee was created by three brothers who are very close friends mine.  Their family has been roasting and blending fine coffee in Italy for over 140 years.  I have been enjoying their coffee for many years. Locally and responsibly made, I could not resist but to offer it to my customers. These JetPacks are great for traveling to races, for vanlifing or camping, and to have at home or office."
                                                   Emilio De Soto  - Founder, De Soto Clothing, Inc.

Blast Radius JetPacks come in Enviro-friendly single serving pour-overs so convenient and caffeinated that all you need is hot water.  To use, simply place a JetPack over your favorite mug, add 8 ounces of hot water and get moving! Watch how easy it is here:

Coffee origins from Panama, Indonesia, Brazil and Kona, Hawaii. This special blend provides 50mg of caffeine per fluid ounce, so an 8oz cup of coffee will give you 400mg of caffeine, and you can pour up to 10oz of water through one JetPack.
JetPacks are sold in a box of 10.

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