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Compression Leg Sleeves - Sale!

  • 1999
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Constructed of the same Forza Compressor™ fabric used in our entire Forza line, this innovative piece is not for recovery, but rather to wear in racing. We’ve deliberately designed it to stop just above the foot. Our logic is that since the vast majority of triathletes don’t wear socks, you can train and race in them and reap the benefits of its support factor. Forza Compressor lifts and support the muscles and dampens the vibration which occurs with every isometric flex.

Again this product offers the same effect as our Forza Grupo. It is lift and support. It features Curvilinear™ seam lines and contrast micro flatstitching.

These Leg Sleeves, like our Arm Coolers, Leg Coolers, and Arm Warmers, are sold in a pair of two.

All measurements are calf circumference:

  • Small: 13" - 14.5"
  • Medium: 14.5" - 16"
  • Large: 16" - 18"



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