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Face2Face™ Fleece Pullover

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Face2Face™ Pullover - The lightest and most versatile top you will ever own - Put it on leave it on!

Looking for something to wear this winter under your bike jersey, as a run top on cold mornings, as something that is light for a long hike, before and after a hot yoga class, or even on a cold plane flight; without feeling like you are getting so warm you need to remove it. Put it on and leave it on!

We created this stretchy top with a loose long neck and thumb cuffs as a super light weight cozy warm top. In textile talk it is 5.7 oz/sq. yd or 194 gm/sq.meter, but to most of us, it is thinner that a regular shirt. If you are lean, or trying to get there, tall or short, female or male, Face2Face™ fabric conforms to any type of body wearing it. We engineered our Face2Face™ knit construction where the inside is polypropylene and the outside is a polyester velour to enhance drying capabilities across the entire fabric structure. This dual surface approach maximizes performance by mechanically wicking sweat and vapor off your skin and directly transferring it to the outer surface where it diffuses for quick dry times. The technology we use to control moisture is the highest priority for base layers and next-to-skin surfaces. Sweat and moisture vapor must be in a constant state of flux to ensure the fabric doesn't become saturated and lose performance characteristics.

Face2Face™ fabric pulls moisture directly from the skin and transfers it to the outer surface to quickly dissipate, even if you are wearing it under something else. This continuous evaporation process helps to keep you warm (when temperatures begin to drop) and cool (as your body heat increases). By physically embedding these wicking capabilities into the fabric structure, Face2Face™ doesn’t rely on chemical fiber treatments to transfer moisture. Chemical approaches to managing saturation only provide a temporary solution that can wash away and leave you with a base fabric that doesn't perform. Ours does not!

This product is not compressive, but we highly recommend you wear it snug against your skin. A loose product will trap your body moisture causing your sweat to run down your skin instead of being pulled away from it.



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