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Swimskin Top made of Liftfoil3™ fabric

This tech top is designed to help you swim faster in waters that are too warm for wetsuits.


  • Liftfoil3 fabric is a highly technical fabric created by Emilio De Soto and is made exclusively for De Soto by a manufacturer in Italy.  It is not available nor sold to other companies.
  • Made of Liftfoil3 (FINA approved) hydrophobic and compressive fabric.  It is hydrophobic because of a very tight Microweave™, so tight it limits absorbtion of water and/or sweat.  Be weary of brands that use any types of teflon or waterproof coatings as these are just chemicals that are applied to finished fabrics.  They do wear out after a few uses.  They have also yet to be proven by any reliable independent source to be perfectly safe against human skin for prolonged periods of time. 
  • Sleak Micro-lock™ Stitch offers less drag both in and out of the water and is faster than any type of flatlock seams.  Bonding seams has become quite trendy lately.  We don't do bonding, we sew seams!  What most people do not know is that ‘bonding' is a fancy term for ‘glueing’ and no glue is permanent. Eventually the seams dry, crack, and split open, especially in chlorinated or salt water, without a good repair solution.  Micro-lock™ Stitch typically outlasts any sort of bonding, and if there is ever a need for repair, we do it for free for as long as you own your Liftfoil3.
  • T-back and deep cut arm holes combined with Curvilinear™ seam lines provides maximum reach and rotation with minimum drag.
  • 16-inch YKK® front zipper with auto-locking slider for easy ventilation, entry and exit.  Lets face it, simplicity is usually better when it comes to zippers.  Those quick-release sliders have the reputation of not releasing in races because that is when you usually wear your best competitive tops.  We eliminate that worry!
  • Step-in design:  Just zip down and step into it as you would a trisuit.
  • Two Waterlid™ side pockets for zero drag in water, yet to carry fuel while bicycling and running..
  • USAT and WTC legal. ITU legal for age group competitors.



This swim top will help you swim faster in triathlons and open water swim races, including those that do not permit wetsuits.  It is a highly technical hydrophobic and compressive fabric we call Liftfoil3™.   Just like our previous Liftfoil fabrics, we have incorporated Forza Compressor fibers into the Liftfoil3.  This lifts and supports the muscles thus reducing and delaying the onset of fatigue caused by the triggering of muscles throughout any type of endurance race.

This swim-specific top has no rubberized material, no polyurethane, and no neoprene. It abides to WTC's recent ruling on swimskins, speedskins, swim apparel...whatever WTC wants to call it. It also abides to USAT requirements for swim tops, and is legal for use in ITU races if you are competing as an age-grouper.

Our tests have shown varied improvements of swim times depending on the individual, over wearing a conventional tri top during the swim.  Of course, as with all our products, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Test it for yourself. If you do not find it performs to your expectations, you may return it for a complete refund.

This garment is not designed for repeated use as a swimsuit in a chlorinated pool.


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