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Mask Leash

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Do you own an ear loop mask?  Whether it is ours or another brand, sometimes, you may need to make it fit better.   

This leash pulls the mask ear loops behind the ears around the neck or lower part of your head. This makes an ear loop mask fit better against your face, it also alleviates the pain or discomfort from having something hanging on your ears for an extended period of time.

Depending on how it is used, one may not even feel the straps around the ears at all!

Another nice feature is it allows your mask to be off your face, yet hang around your neck, so you can pull it up for protection when needed, like before getting out of your car, or if someone walks up to you. 

The Mask Leash works well for all brands of ear loop face coverings.

Made of highly durable, lazer-cut Skin Cooler™ fabric

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