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The Wetshort is a Wetsuit Short. It is a great training tool for slow swimmers, but very effective even for elite swimmers. You will feel a lift of the hips and reap the buoyancy one might normally get with a pull-buoy, but with the ability to kick and properly use the legs to propel torso rotation.

It will simulate the body position of a wetsuit without overheating in a pool. For really fast & elite swimmers with a really strong kick, this short allows you to combine with one of our T1 Wetsuit tops to feel the same natural stroke.

This short is made of 2mm GreenGoma™ Limestone Rubber with Carrera Skin Nylon on both sides. It has a drawcord on the waist to keep it in place. It looks like a trishort, but it is so much faster in the water than that!

There are many swimmers who simply overheat in temps that are even in the mid 70’s, so the Inviscid Wetsuit Short just adds the final touch to the modular options of the T1 Wetsuit line.

Do you get cold easily?  Wear the Wetshort under your current wetsuit to stay even warmer during those cold swims.

Do you race in SwimRun Events?  Many years ago, De Soto introduced to the world the very first wetsuit for made for SwimRun Events. SwimRun is a self-contained-two-person team endurance race where each team swims and runs repeatedly along a course. Each team is required to wear and/or carry all their equipment from start to finish. While there is claim that the first of this sort of event occurred in the early 1990’s in New England, the sport has grown most rapidly in Sweden with the popularity of ÖTILLÖ, a 75 kilometer race (10km swim, 65km run) traversing 26 islands and the ocean between them. With these events sprouting up now in many countries, De Soto Sport is proud to lay claim once again to yet another innovation for endurance sports.

T1 Speedvest, and T1 Speedtube are now joined by this newest addition called the T1 Wetshort™ designed not only for triathlon and open water swimming races, but also for SwimRun races.

Whether you like to swim for exercise or are on the swim course of a Triathlon, T1 Wetsuits offer you speed, comfort and buoyancy that will make swimming pure pleasure!



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