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We have created a piece that has been way overdue in the De Soto Collection.  To keep this story short, we finally found a small family-owned company to spin their Ultrafino Merino Wool fiber into a yarn, then knit it into a lightweight fabric for us to sew up the ultimate cozy top. What for? Just about anything. Wear it as a base layer under a bike jersey, under a jacket for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, a mountain trail run, a cold weather marathon, or a winter triathlon. This is that piece.

Sizing: This is a unisex garment and as such, many women have comfortably worn this piece due to the narrower shoulder and waist found in all sizes. Please refer to the size chart bottom above for an accurate fit.

Fit Type: Form-Fitted, next-to-skin. 
Fit Note:
 Please do not assume your size, please use our size chart. If in doubt, email questions to contact@desotosport.com. If you own the Polypro Thermal Top or any of our other tops, we recommend you order the same size in this garment.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Ultrafino Merino Wool fiber blended with 4% elastane. The elastane simply offers a bit of stretch for comfort.  See below for the 13 benefits of Ultrafino Merino Wool.
  • 16-inch zip for easy on-the-go ventilation
  • Zipper garage eliminates zip "bites" 
  • Two vertical pockets to store training essentials
  • Do you get cold easily? Helpful tip - Add hand warmers to the vertical pockets to keep your spine and core warm 
  • Flatlock seams for long-lasting durability 
  • This garment is best worn fitted, next-to-skin for optimal performance
  • Made in USA of foreign fabrics.

13 Benefits of Ultrafino™ Merino Wool

  • No Itch: When you think of wool, do you think of a big old, itchy, sweater?  Have we got news for you!  Ultrafino erino wool fibers are only 17 microns thick. In comparison, human hair is between 60 and 180 microns. Our merino wool is more flexible, rests softly against your skin, and does not itch at all.
  • Durable: Merino wool is 6 times stronger than cotton and 2 times stronger than our Skin Cooler fabrics, which are pretty strong already!
  • Non allergenic: Merino wool is already commonly used by people with sensitive skin. This hypoallergenic fiber treats your skin softly and with great care, just as all the other fabrics we use in the De Soto Collection.
  • Thermo regulating: Just like our polypropylene, Merino wool is climate regulating but with a more natural composition. The breathing qualities of the fabric hold great advantages when it comes to comfort. Merino wool is perfect for year-round garments.
  • Cooling: When it’s hot, the fibers absorb your body’s moisture vapors and evaporate them outside of the fabric – keeping you nice and cool.
  • Warming: In colder climates, these moisture vapors condensate inside the fiber, giving off heat and keeping you nice and warm, even when wet.
  • Odor resistant: Ultrafino Merino wool fiber is naturally non absorbant, so it is odor resistant. Your Merino wool top will not smell as quickly.  We who spend time in the backcountry wear it because, you don’t need to wash it after each time you’ve worn it. Just rinse or wash and hang it in the open air to enjoy it again the next day.
  • Quick drying: Merino wool ultrafino fibers releases water easily so it dries faster than cotton, polyester, and nylons. Just machine wash, hang it to dry, and it will be ready to wear quickly.
  • Wrinkle resistant: The elastic properties of the merino fiber make it extremely wrinkle resistant. If you hang your shirt out to dry, ironing becomes optional. And when you’re travelling with a packed suitcase, just get out your merino wool clothes, hang them for half an hour and you’re all good.
  • Washable: The naturally protective outer layer of Merino wool will prevent stains from being absorbed. However, when your favorite item is dirty, just wash it on low temperature. You can even wear it when still damp which is quite nice on hot days.
  • UV resistant: The natural UV barrier of the fabric keeps you safe from damaging UV radiation from the sun.  
  • Renewable: Synthetic fibers and cotton demand a lot of manipulation and processing. Merino wool, however, is made of grass, water, and fresh air.  The merino sheep that provide the wool graze the hills freely, delivering a new fleece harvest twice a year.
  • Biodegradable: The Merino fiber will naturally decompose in soil when it is disposed. It will give back its nutrients into the earth.

Get to know your source. Here is a photo of part of the team.  These precious creatures live a pretty darn good life grazing all year long for many years. They are never harmed during the process, and are never killed for meat.  They are sheared (or shorn) twice per year yielding about 20 lbs (9kg) of wool each time.


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