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Forza™ Compressor

This amazing fabric lifts and supports muscles to dampen the vibration caused by dynamic flexion and extension, as well as isometric flex during exercise. Research findings from extensive university studies show the Forza™ Compressor fabric used in our garments help to improve athletic performance by delaying the onset of fatigue by as much as 12%, and by giving an improved sense of body position. We assemble the garments of this fabric with proprietary articulated stitching techniques. This maximizes comfort and fit while minimizing constriction and drag. The result is the best fitting and highest quality product that money can buy. Consider each Forza™ garment as an “exterior ligament” for your body! De Soto was the first company to produce compression garments in 1997. Since then we have offered Forza™ products that have helped thousands of triathletes podium, as well as improve on their personal best.

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