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Why the T1 Wetsuit is better than any one-piece wetsuit:

The two-piece design of the T1 wetsuits offer more comfort and less restriction than a one-piece. By design a two-piece wetsuit eliminates shoulder fatigue and “torso-rubber stretch” caused by a connected zipper.  The T1 Wetsuit will not force you to change or limit your stroke. Tops and bottoms are sold separately. There are over 500 unique fits possible by mixing and matching the extensive size and style offerings. You get a TRUE personalized fit. 

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Learn About T1 Wetsuits

Arms Up Technology?  Yeah we did that in 1999...and still do it!

We constructed the shape of our wetsuit based on swimmers with their arms up, as well as one arm up at a time, instead of standing with their arms at their side.  We then created our own algorithms for optimal comfort, performance, fit, and sizing. Algorithms were based on measured dimensions on over 60 locations on the body. Since our two-piece concept already allows for more shoulder freedom than any one-piece wetsuit, the optimal result was to create a pullover based on arms up and forward.  This is how we developed what we still call to this day, the Bio Stroke™ Design.

We quickly learned we needed to either eliminate the zipper, or create a way where the zipper does not hinder flexibility of a one-piece wetsuit to overcome the limited range of motion and discomfort. Any one-piece wetsuit manufacturer on the market has still not accomplished this today. The logic behind our two-piece design still remains true.

Because the top and bottom are not attached, the T1 Wetsuit will not force you to change or limit your stroke. There is no “torso-rubber stretch” or shoulder fatigue that occurs with one-piece wetsuits.  All T1 models are sold as separates "modules" for a more customized and personal fit.

What makes the T1 the best wetsuit in the world?


Two-piece design means more comfort and less restriction. Because the top and bottom are not attached, changing your stroke is not necessary. We have eliminated the “torso-rubber-stretch” that causes shoulder restriction, and with it, the fatigue that occurs with traditional one-piece wetsuits. The different models of tops and bottoms are sold as separates so you can customize your fit and your performance needs.


We designed our wetsuits with the arms over your head, this makes raising your arms feel natural. When you lift your arms, your shoulders rotate forward. A wetsuit should not inhibit this motion. The Bio-Stroke™ Design pulls the arms forward (resembling a mummy walking) and makes swimming less confining. Remember a wetsuit is supposed to be most comfortable when you are swimming!


One-piece wetsuits stretch everywhere except around the zipper. This limits the upper body and shoulders from achieving maximum reach, which results in shoulder and arm fatigue. We use a lightweight, custom-made zipper, which allows all pullovers and vests an easy and fast removal; while offering added comfort and flexibility during the swim. Most importantly, the zipper will not hinder your stroke.


This feature facilitates breathing, eliminating the "first timer's choking sensation" often accompanying one-piece suits. This feature makes it easier to turn your head to breathe and to raise your head to look forward. It also reduces the risk of chafing.


We were the first wetsuit company to optimize hip flotation. Lifting the hips and legs to put the body in the most efficient swimming position. Don't be fooled by the gimmicks other wetsuit manufacturers use by placing thick and thin rubber on the hips. The bottom line is buoyancy. The thicker the rubber is on the hips and upper legs the faster you will swim. This is especially true if you have a weak kick.


The T1 Wetsuit has repeatedly proven to be the fastest on the market. It is made withGreenGoma™ Limestone Rubber - making it flexible, buoyant, durable and very fast to remove. The best place to test a wetsuit is the open water.


All T1 Wetsuits are made of GreenGoma™, a limestone rubber...bye-bye petroleum wetsuits! We offer two types of GreenGoma™ rubber:

GreenGoma™#8 Rubber: a high quality, buoyant, stretchy, and highly durable rubber with a slick composite outer surface skin for speed in the water and fast removal out of the water.  It is found in our Black Pearl and Speed Collection models making these pieces superior suits at an affordable price.GreenGoma™ #9 Rubber:  all the same features as the #8 Rubber above, with a bit more closed cells and better stretch; making it more buoyant and warmer.  This rubber is found in the First Wave models making these pieces the very best wetsuit money can buy. Yet you will still find the First Wave to be more affordably priced than other brands.



This is the fastest wetsuit that money can buy. We use our new GreenGoma™ #9 Rubber with Slick Composite Skin. This new rubber is extremely flexible and buoyant; the best money can buy! No other company has been able to produce a wetsuit as fast and as warm as the First Wave Pullover  or the First Wave Concept 5 and First Wave Bibjohn. We continue to give you the ultimate wetsuit.


The Black Pearl Pullover and Black Pearl Bibjohn has the same design features as the First Wave, but with a more affordable GreenGoma™ #8 Rubber with a Slick Composite Skin. This is the next best rubber on the market making the Black Pearl almost as fast and just as durable as the First Wave, but for less money.


TheSpeedtube, and Speedvest, are a collection of great pieces to wear in waters too warm for a full wetsuit. You can add individual pieces to a wetsuit you may already own to stay warmer in cold waters; or you can wear alone or as training aids to reap flotation speed advantage. All are made of GreenGoma™ #8.








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