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Fabric Facts

De Soto Sport has always led the industry at combining technical fabrics and styling with accurate forecasting of colors and trends. Our expertise in endurance sports, design, textiles and sewing techniques has been sought by the most dedicated endurance athletes around the world.

"Natural Synthetics" The fabrics developed by De Soto are not treated with any “enhancing” chemicals. These chemicals can irritate the skin and will wash off the fabric over time. This means that De Soto fabrics will not be harmful to your body, and they will perform as described for the entire life of the garment.

Microlock™ Stitching and Microflat™ Stitching are innovative and proprietary combinations of thread and two-pass-stitching techniques. These techniques, invented by De Soto, provide the most durable seams in existence, yet yield an eloquent appearance.

Skin cooler™ SDS and Skincooler™ Octovent™ - In addition to the smooth, silky SDS™ fabric we introduced in 2014, we now offer Skin Cooler Octovent™ SDS™, which is created by knitting small octagonal patterns that offer more cooling in the front of a garment. You will find our new tops that combine these fabrics to be cooler and offer more sun protection, while actually being 40% lighter in weight. 

When the human body gets hot, it sweats to cool itself. In the past, other brands have tried to help that process by developing fabrics that wick moisture away from the skin and expedite evaporation. For over 10 years now, De Soto has taken this concept a step further by using that moisture to create a cooling effect. YES! WE WANT YOU WET. Skin Cooler™ works by a series of channels knitted into light fabric. As these channels get wet, they absorb moisture and swell, which dissipates the heat making the fabric against your skin actually cooler, how much cooler depends on factors including airflow, humidity, ambient temperature, and moisture temperature. When you sweat, the garment’s temperature drops and creates an actual cooling sensation. Skin Cooler SDS™ offers this cooling effect while offering even more sun protection.

NOTE: No garment should ever be a substitute so we always recommend you wear sunscreen underneath these, and all, products. It is crucial to keep in mind that a sunscreen's (whichever brand you may choose) SPF/UPF rating refers only to its ability to protect skin from UVB radiation. Because we know that UVA damage can be just as insidious, it is essential for the health of your skin that you use a sunscreen that contains the UVA-protecting ingredients of titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.

Carrera™ Skin, and Carrera™ Piqué is a nylon/spandex blend that is lightweight, breathable, quick-drying and keeps its support and fit, even when wet. Carrera Skin is smooth which makes it non-abrasive so it is comfortable for training and racing. It also blocks 75% of UVB rays. Carrera Piqué is a very soft breathable stretch fabric we have incorporated into our new high-end bike shorts for more comfort against the abdomen.


Forza™ Compressor — this amazing fabric lifts and supports muscles to dampen the vibration due to dynamic flexion and extension, as well as isometric flex during exercise. De Soto was the first company to produce compression garments in 1997. Since then we have offered Forza Products that have helped thousands of triathletes win as well as improve on their personal best. Research findings from extensive university studies show the Forza™ Compressor fabric used in our garments help to improve athletic performance by delaying the onset of fatigue by as much as 12%, and by giving an improved sense of body position. We assemble the garments of this fabric with proprietary articulated stitching techniques that maximize comfort and fit while minimizing constriction and drag. The result is the best fitting and highest quality product that money can buy. Consider each Forza garment as an “exterior ligament” for your body!

Forza Compressor Shield del Sol™ — This is a smooth version of Forza Compressor fabric. It is white but unlike other white fabrics, it is not diaphanous. You cannot see through it at all. Press your finger up against it and you will see what we mean! Due to its opacity, it will offer more sun protection than any other white fabric in the world. Independent UVB testing is currently being done as of the time of this printing but we anticipate a rating of it blocking 90% of UVB rays.

Mircosurf™ — This is our answer to the demand for a soft, non-abrasive woven fabrics. We have developed a fabric that is softer than the finest Egyptian cottons, while offering a strong material that is difficult to rip or wear out. It dries fast and drapes comfortably on your body. This fabric does not shrink, pill or deform, so your De Soto garment will take you through many training sessions and still look new. 

Liftfoil™ with coldBlack® Technology — At speeds below 5 mph (8 kph) the best surface to flow though water is a smooth surface like Liftfoil. Liftfoil is a hydrodynamic fabric designed to be worn very tight. When stretched on a moving body, Liftfoil becomes thinner, so it absorbs less water. Because it compresses against the skin, it reduces passive drag, and acts as a foil to lift the body at the water surface.

coldBlack® Technology Sun Reflector – UV Protector: Dark colors heat up stronger when exposed to direct sunlight compared to light colors. This no longer needs to happen! Now there is coldblack ®, a special finishing technology for textiles which reduces heat build-up and provides reliable protection from UV rays.

coldblack ® technology offers two innovative benefits:

1. Effective heat management - Light colored textiles reflect both visible and invisible rays of sunlight, meaning both heat and light. Dark colored textiles absorb both types of rays and therefore absorb heat. coldblack ® reduces this absorption of heat rays, particularly in the case of darker colors, and in all types of textiles. The result is tangibly better heat management. Because textiles finished with coldblack ® heat up less in all colors compared with material without a coldblack ® finish.

2. Reliable protection from UV rays - The coldblack ® technology guarantees a minimum UPF 30 protection (blocks 70% of UV rays) when applied to any textile in any color without affecting the look or feel of the product. As a result, textiles with coldblack ® can make an effective contribution to protecting against harmful UV rays.

400-Mile™ Pad — A high quality pad designed specifically for De Soto by one of Italy's most reputable pad companies. It is soft yet dense, seamless in the middle, anti-bacterial, and it actually stretches with the short to conform better between your body and the saddle. We offer the 400-Mile Pad in men's and in women's cut.


Open-Air Mesh™ is designed to meet the demands of the most hardcore endurance athletes. This high-tech polyester fabric absorbs very little moisture, and wicks it away from the skin, so it dries faster than mesh materials. It is soft to the touch, yet very durable. The mesh holes make it more breathable so you will stay cooler and be more comfortable during long workouts.

Ceramico™ Integrated Pad - The Pad is the short, the short is the pad  You have never seen anything like this because it has never existed until now. We have created an integrated pad where the inside of the pad is actually visible from the outside of the short. Ceramico™ is a polyurethane-based coating that is embedded with rock-hard ceramic particles on the outside creating the most durable pad in the world. This environmentally-friendly innovation is completely free of solvents. You will find different Ceramico™ Pads in the Forza Grupo (thickness 4mm), the Riviera Grupo (thickness 7mm), as well as the 400-Mile Bibshorts and 400-Mile Bike Shorts (thickness 14mm). 


Polyolefin - This is the most advanced form of polypropylene, a fiber we have been using for many years. Polyolefin is the ultimate fabric to use as a first layer garment. It not only keeps you warm, it regulates your body temperature during exercise in hot or cold weather. The skin stays dry, keeping the body warm in winter, and cool in the summer. It is odor resistant simply because of its fiber composition. It is not treated with any chemicals.


Polartec® Power Stretch®
 - a fabric and trademark of Malden Mills Industries, Inc. Body-hugging 4-way stretch provides unrestricted freedom of movement. Keeps your skin dry when you sweat. Highly breathable to provide comfort in all activities and does not restrict the movement of moisture vapor. Provides warmth without the weight and bulk of traditional insulating fabrics. Wind resistant to reduce the effects of wind chill. Machine washable.

How does it work?

Moisture and high relative humidity next to the skin cause discomfort. Polartec® Power Stretch® keeps the skin dry through three complementary mechanisms:

The fabric is highly breathable and does not restrict the movement of moisture vapor. 
"Touch Points" on the fabric inner surface draw off the sweat. Sweat is wicked off the skin to the outside of the fabric, where it spreads rapidly for evaporation. 
When the sweat reaches the outside of the fabric, it spreads out to many times its original surface area, enabling it to dry at least 2 times faster than cotton. 
Technical Highlights

Body-hugging 4-way stretch provides unrestricted freedom of movement 
Keeps your skin dry when you sweat 
Highly breathable to provide comfort in all activities; does not restrict the movement of moisture vapor 
Provides warmth without the weight and bulk of traditional insulating fabrics 
Wind resistant to reduce the effects of wind chill 
Machine washable 

A Warning About Certain Lubricants and their Affect on Fabrics:

Many athletic lubricants, especially non-liquid types, (like Body Glide, vaseline, and chamois creams) work well for wetsuits, but not well for clothing.  They tend to make clothing, especially loose clothing, sticky, instead of slick and slippery, and usually results in chafing.  It will also damage, stain and discolor all fabrics over time.  We advise against using them, and their use will nullify our warranty.

Mobius™, NanoSurf™, MicroSurf™, Forza Compressor™, Riviera™, Windansea™, Liftfoil™, Open-Air Mesh™, Micro-Surf ™, Liquid Mesh™, Microlock™, Microflat™, Skincooler™, Skincooler SDS™, Skincooler Octovent™, Palm Coolers™, Arm Coolers™, Leg Coolers™, Cool Wings™, Compressor Leg Sleeve™, Liftfoil™, Carrera™ Series, 400-Mile Pad™, Micro Series™, QTKini™, Playa Run Short™, Tuesday Run Short™, Transition Pack™, Tribib™, Bibjohn™, Triathlon Femme™, Dotted S™, Ceramico™, Forza Fino™, Waterlid™ Pockets, are Trademarks owned exclusively by De Soto Clothing Company, Inc.

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