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Femme Integrated Pads

Femmenin ™ Integrated No Seam Pad,  Femme Float 4mm Pad, Femme Float 6mm Pad, and Femme 14mm 400-Mile™ Pad - These pads stretch in all directions and move with your body. All pads offer antibacterial properties that will not wash out. You might notice the pads for triathlon and road bikes are shaped differently. This is to accommodate a forward-rotated pelvic position when on a steeper seat angle bike (triathlon), versus a more conventional road bike position. All our pads are made with a proprietary foam that floats when it gets wet. The fiber absorbs very little moisture, making it a quick-drying pad. We advise hang-drying all of our triathlon and cycling shorts. All foam pads share the same technologies but have a gender specific cut to create the best fit possible.

  • Femmenin ™ 6 mm Pad 
  • Femme 14mm 400-Mile™ Pad 
  • Femme Float™ 6 mm Pad

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