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Here at De Soto Sport, we have never wanted to be the biggest brand, the most popular brand, or the most trendy brand. We have always simply wanted to be the best. Each product is created by a triathlete, designed by a triathlete, tested by a triathlete and worn by a triathlete. Who else knows better the needs of a triathlate than both veteran and new triathletes?

In business, the word "innovation" is often synonymous, not just with a product, but with the output of the process.  In other words, just coming up with a new product does not make it innovative.  It may be a great invention; something that never existed before, but if invention is the conversion of money into ideas, then innovation is the conversion of those ideas into money. In this current financial climate, innovation is a driving force of the economy, given that it leads to new products, new product categories, and increased productivity. 

Since 1990  we have innovated more products for the sport of triathlon, which includes not just stuff for swimming, and cycling, and running, but also specifically for doing all three in the same outfit.  We have purposely remained a small company so that we can live the special lifestyle that only triathletes can comprehend.  We understand it because triathlon has touched our souls.

De Soto Triathlon Company wants to do its part in driving the economy and of course, we all need to make money, but if you have had any interaction with us, you have learned and come to know that we do not want your money…we want your soul!

As our customers know, De Soto makes products that are not just good, they’re great. And our team never stops working to continue to innovate to both make current products better and developing new products. We are so confident in their performance, that if you disagree, we have a satisfaction guarantee.

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