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Guarantee/Warranty/Product Care

This Guarantee, Warranty, and Product Care is for clothing and accessories only.  For T1 Wetsuits and Greengoma products click here.

De Soto Sport offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on anything you buy from our website at full price. If one of our products does not perform to your expectations within 30 days of the purchase date, contact us and then send it back to us (we do suggest you use a trackable shipping service for the return) for a replacement or a refund of the product only. 

The spirit of this guarantee is that you will try it on, and if necessary, you may train lightly in it until you are sure you are going to keep it.  Wearing the garment in a competitive event voids the return guarantee. 

The majority of the items we offer are over $49.00 so we offer free ground shipping within the USA. The customer is responsible for freight to return, repair, or exchange. We cover the freight of the repaired or exchanged item back to you.  On the rare occasion the customer wishes to return a product for a refund, we refund the full amount of the product less the shipping cost back to us.  

Anything you buy from one of our authorized retailers is guaranteed through the retailer. All exchanges and refunds must then be done through the retailer where you purchased the product. Their policy may be different than ours so please ask before purchasing.

Holiday 100% Guarantee Period

During the holiday season, we invite you to shop for your friends and family starting as early as October 15, and they will have until January 15 to return or exchange what they received.

Product Warranty

All De Soto Sport products purchased at full price are fully warranted to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for 90 days from the date of purchase. If a product fails due to manufacturing defects, we will repair or replace it, at our discretion. If damage occurs due to normal or extended wear, an accident, improper care or negligence on the part of the owner, we will repair the product for a charge that we deem to be reasonable, or we will notify you to inform you that we cannot be repaired it to a standard we consider to be durable and lasting.

Our warranty does not cover tears, rips, or snags caused to the fabric, as these are not considered defects in materials or workmanship unless you received it that way, in which our 30-day guarantee above would apply. Warranty work will only be done with proof of purchase from De Soto Sport or one of our Authorized Dealers.

    Our warranty becomes null and void on ANY garment washed in, or exposed to, hot water, ironing, or placed in a dryer.

    Silk screening, or heat transferring on, any garment made of highly technical synthetic fibers will ruin, or shorten the life of the garment. Our warranty becomes null and void on ANY garment that is silk screened, heat transferred, embroidered, or otherwise altered before or after purchase.

    Excessive exposure to chlorine will shorten the life of any garment.  Every product we make is NOT RECOMMENDED FOR REPEATED USE IN A CHLORINATED POOL. 

    All these conditions can be verified by simple forensics tests done on returned products. Our warranty becomes null and void on ANY garment exposed to chlorine, heat, gas, or any liquid above 90º F (32º C).

    Products no longer under warranty include, but are not limited to those with the rubber DSS oval logo, those with no logo, those with any upside down logo, as well as garments from 2014 and older, as well as products sold at factory sales, Amazon, Ebay and other third party sites.

    Due to the inevitable likelihood of imitation and counterfeit products on the worldwide market, we no longer warranty any products that you buy from any unauthorized dealer. There is no guarantee for products purchased from discount sites such as Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba, 6pm, and the like. 

    Care Instructions

    • Never use chamois butter or creams
    • Machine wash cold water
    • Wash whites separately
    • Hang to dry
    • Use regular detergent
    • No fabric softener
    • No iron
    • No bleach

    Crash Insurance

    When you purchase a product from our website (, you automatically get Crash Insurance! This means that if you ever fall wearing your De Soto product, and you tear it, rip it, melt it, shred it, or damage it in any way, you qualify to buy a similar product at 40% below the DSSRP (De Soto Suggested Retail Price). This does not include sale items, discontinued items, customized items, or SMU (Special Makeup Units). No matter how severe or minor the damage to your De Soto product, we will never require you to return it as proof. To redeem your Crash Insurance simply email us a photo of the damaged garment and a photo of any damage that happened to you.  Yes, we want to add you to our Scab Book! Send to:

    A Warning About Certain Lubricants and their Affect on Fabrics

    Many athletic lubricants, especially non-liquid types, (like Body Glide, vaseline, and chamois creams) work well for wetsuits, but not well for clothing.  They tend to make clothing, especially loose clothing, sticky, instead of slick and slippery, and usually results in chafing. It will also damage, stain and discolor all fabrics over time. We advise against using them, and their use will nullify our warranty.

    It is a California requirement that products be clean before we accept them for return or repair. Cleaning charges will be assessed prior to repairing a dirty product. Proof of purchase receipt is now required for warranty work. This receipt must include the date of purchase, the store name, and the description of the product. We do not accept hand written receipts. If you bought the product from us, your order number or invoice number is sufficient proof of purchase. If you need to return, repair or exchange something, please email Please include your name, order number and the reason for your return. Our customer service staff will then issue you an RMA number which is necessary for your return to be accepted. We will respond to your request within 24 hours, Monday through Friday, unless it is a holiday. 

    Our Policy on Discounted Items

    1. The discounted prices are for orders placed on our website only. These prices are not available on phone orders.

    2. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We will not accept returns or exchanges, so be sure you are ordering the size you want. If something does not fit, sell it or give it to a friend! Again, at such great prices ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

    3. There is no warranty on any item that is discounted

    4. All discontinued wetsuits are SOLD AS IS. There is no warranty at this price. 

    5. There may be a time lag between when an item sells out and when it is removed from the website. Sale items and prices are limited to styles and colors shown on the website, and only while supplies last, even if they appear on the website.

    6. There are no retroactive discounts for orders placed prior to now.

    9. By purchasing the discount sale item, you are agreeing to these terms of sale.

    Free shipping on orders over $49 within the USA.