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Lifeguard Hat w/ Skin Cooler™ Sun Block

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      If you have spent any time on the beaches of Southern California this hat will look very familiar it has been worn by beach lifeguards since the early 1980’s.  We are now offer it with a sun-protecting Skin Cooler™ underbrim that blocks 90% of the ultraviolet burning (UVB)rays.  This hat can protect your face from all angles, including your ears and neck.
      Don't fall for those models with leather cords and interiors, or cheap models sold at super markets. Get yourself something that will withstand the saltwater or chlorine with turning smelly. Wear what the locals wear, and look like a local.  Like all De Soto products, we focused on quality in every feature of this hat.  You can buy something cheaper, but we feel you deserve the best.

  • 100% straw with 100% Skin Cooler™ fabric and brim piping
  • Fully embroidered low-profile De Soto Cube Logo
  • Skin Cooler™ blocks 90% of UVB rays 
  • Elastic sweat band inside crown
  • Adjustable Nylon Chin Cord with wood slider
  • Stainless steel sneaker grommets
  • Hat size: One size 23-1/4 in. (59 CM) 
  • Hat Size (standard): 7-3/8
  • 4.5” high brim
  • Comes with a “Size-Down Kit”  of PS Foam and bonding tape
If your head is smaller than the hat simply add the kit inside.  Stick it to the back or top of the hat.  See below for instructions.

.5”x 1”x 3.5” strip of polystyrene foam
3M Bullshark adhesive bonding tape VHB 5952 acrylic foam 0.045"x 1”x 3.5"

First try the hat on as is.

Too deep?  Insert the PS Foam into the middle ridge inside the hat. Test before adhering. If you like the fit, then remove the red film and adhere it.

Too large?  Insert the PS Foam into the back of the hat just behind the elastic sweat band.  Test before adhering. If you like the fit, then remove the red film and adhere it.
The tape has a very strong, pressure sensitive, adhesive that will bond almost instantly with no drying time.  

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