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De Soto Sport's International Roots

De Soto Sport was founded in 1990 by Emilio De Soto.  As early as 1991, De Soto Sport was already in both Japan and Germany.  In fact, to this day, the Japanese distributor remains the same; and is of course, a lifelong friend. 

From there, De Soto Sport expanded into Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, Italy, Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Mexico, South Korea, Malaysia, St. Maarten, Israel, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates, just to name a few.  And in 2018, De Soto is now back into the Czech Republic.

The international market has always been important to De Soto, not for financial gain, but rather, to connect a collective group of individuals who are passionate about one thing: triathlon.  Furthermore, just as long as De Soto Sport has been around, the personal relationships we build with distributors, stores and customers are important.

De Soto takes very seriously the fact that our name is on our clothing, and in turn, on your body.  We believe we have a relationship with every single person who wears our clothing and represents our brand.  It is the sport of triathlon that can bring this global group of individuals together, in training, in racing or in community. 

And with community, and everyone working together, we can do great things.  Whether it allows someone to become healthier, lose weight, overcome addictions, allow a physically or mentally challenged athlete to compete, or simply allowing someone to feel part of something, we all have the power to be a positive beacon in someone's life somewhere in the world. 

It is this grass roots and authenticity that we believe allows our brand to remain successful worldwide in this amazing sport.  Thank you, each of you, who have purchased from us, in every great country in this world and for making the triathlon community stronger. 

One World, One Love, in 3 Sports…..Triathlon.
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  • I am a huge fan of your tri equipment and have bought probably one of each trisuits currently available as well as tops, shorts T bag, etc. Your website says you are present in the UAE but I have yet to find you here (I’ve lived in the UAE for the last 5 years). Where is your rep located? Btw I don’t see your trisuits here very often and triathlons are really taking off. Same for duathlons, aquathlons, bicycle races, etc… And people here have a fairly high purchasing power! Best, Eric

    Eric Stoclet

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