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Emilio answers four questions about Skin Cooler™


Why did you invent Skin Cooler fabric?  

My experience in racing hundreds of triathlons is that you will inevitably end up wet. For me, it is better to be wet and cool, than dry and hot.  I developed a fabric that would disperse the moisture from water and sweat, to create a cooling effect while optimizing sun protection. 

Do all the colorful Skin Cooler garments keep you just as cool as the white?   

Yes!  No matter what the color or design is on the outside, you will notice that the fabric on the inside is still white.  We use a sublimation process to apply color using heat to turn the ink into a gas.  This gas adheres only to the outside of the fabric.  Therefore, the ink is not absorbed into the fabric and does not affect the technical integrity of the garment.  So, colorful products  keep you just as cool as white. 

What about black?  

The only exception to this is our solid black Skin Cooler garments which are yard-dyed black instead of sublimated.  This is why the fabric inside is black inside and and out.  The actual fibers are dyed before knitting it into fabric. We estimate the black might add between 1° and 3° F depending on the ambient temperature and humidity.   

Is the the sun protection affected by the color? 

White and lighter colors do become a bit more diaphanous (see-through) when wet, so you do lose some degree of sun protection. This is why every Skin Cooler product we sell states to wear sunscreen.  With the exception of water or ice, there nothing you can apply to your skin to cool your body, but there are many products you can apply to your skin to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

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