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2019 Femme Collection Inspiration

One of my favorite parts of my job at De Soto Sport is designing the new line.  It's so fun to be inspired, to be creative and to feel the energy of others around you, to design a new and exciting collection. 

2019 proved no different.  This year's themes are two fold: triathlon and beaches.  Why?   Well, history tells us that the first triathlon ever in which people, and to be fair it was only men, participated was in San Diego, Mission Beach, in fact.  That influence is captured in our flip flop design.  You really won't see a single person in anything other than flip flops at the beaches in San Diego - and we wanted to bottle it up and give it to you on your apparel in a fun, uplifting way!  

Our Femme Girl captures much of California in one print - big beach hair, sunglasses with reflections, palm trees.  We want you to feel confident, strong and yet, glamorous, in whatever what that is for you!  It can mean when you are in your aero position and you go speeding by another cyclist (preferably, male!) or it can be after you clean up to go grab a burrito, or for the date night after your big training day. Whatever it is, we want to support you, empower you, and drive you to do what you love doing and feel great while doing it. 

And then of course, there is the mecca of triathlon: Hawaii.  The championships of Ironman started in Oahu in 1978, but changed to its current location, Kona in 1981.  This year marks the Ironman Championships 40th anniversary, in fact.  Every triathlete knows of "Kona" - and you needn't say more than that.  It's an understanding in our blood and world. 

This year, our Hawaii influence is shown in our manta ray print.  The manta ray's cephalic "horns" make them known to be "devilish" but they are actually the ocean's gentle giant. Having been diving with them in the South Pacific, night feeding with them in Kona, and seeing them in aquariums (though most are not large enough to house, but the amazing Atlanta Aquarium has them in a tank with whale sharks, one of only two in the world!) is absolutely amazing.  "Manta" actually means blanket in Portuguese and Spanish and when a Manta Ray swims over you as you're diving, you may get a bit of a belly flip because it really feels like there's a dark blanket atop you in the ocean. 

Finally, our South Beach Mondrian print sticks with our beach theme, as it brings bright and fun colors, typical in Miami and along most beaches in the world.  This print is great for a matching mens and femme print and it, too, brings happiness when worn. 

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