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A TIP FROM EMILIO: How to Fix a Failing Zipper

This diagram shows you all the parts of a zipper.

Below is a De Soto Skin Cooler Top.  We sell thousands of these every year.  We use the very best zippers in the world, and this does not happen often, but it does happen to all brands of products including ours.  We have an easy fix!


You can tell by this photo that the PIN was not inserted completely into the BOX before grabbing the PULL TAB and pulling up. When the PIN is not inserted completely the zipper unzips from below as you pull up.  The reason is that the TEETH are no longer aligned as they should to stay closed.

  1. Pull the PIN out of the BOX
  2. Insert the PIN again this time all the way into the BOX.
  3. While holding the PIN in place, gently zip the PULL TAB down until it covers the PINS.
  4. Pull the PIN out off the box and insert it comply again.
  5. Zip it up by slowly making sure the teeth are aligned.
  6. Your zipper will zip up properly again.
Any zipper will fail if you treat it carelessly. Be patient with your efforts, they will pay off.  If you try to muscle it too much you will displace the teeth and permanently ruin the zipper.  Remember to treat every De Soto product with care.  This includes how you wash it, how you put it on, how you remove it, how you store it, and even how you zip it up and down.  
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  • in your zipper failing ’ graphic… realignment illustration …you might include a tip’ and idea that i have that makes the job much easier. I apply a bit of common chapstick material to the zipper to easy to lubricate the parts. There is a product called zipper -ease that does the same however it is no longer commonly sold at sewing shops here in my part of USA

    Gary T.

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