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A TIP FROM EMILIO: Put your bicycle inside a small car by removing only the front wheel.

     If you drive a small SUV or car, you may think your only solution to travel with your bike is on a bike rack.  If you are lucky, you may be able to get away with removing both wheels, and placing the bike in the trunk or in back if it is a hatch back. THERE IS AN EASIER WAY!
     This tip works well for the majority of us who spend most of our time driving alone and in most small cars.  It will not only save you time:
  • it will save you money from buying a bike rack,
  • it will protect your bike from the exterior travel elements like sun, rain, dirt, road grime, and bugs,
  • it will save you from getting your hands dirty from chain lube, 
  • and reduce the risk of not getting that back wheel on perfectly straight, especially if you are traveling to a race.  
  • In addition you can put a cable lock on the bike and lock it to your car seat. If the cable is visible, this is a great way to deter someone from stealing your bike.

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  • Great technique dude!!!
    On behalf of many triathletes many thanks for the tips.
    I’ve been a customer for over 20 yrs.
    Love that Cervelo P3 Badass Bike!!!

    Carlos Colon
  • Very helpful video! I used this technique to bring home my new bike in a Jetta (with my old bike in the trunk). Only difficulty I had was the car next to me parked a little too close…

    Kelly Thomas

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