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A TIP from Emilio: Permanent Ink is permanent.

Although timing chips and temporary tattoo race numbers, like, are becoming the norm, body marking with Sharpees is still prevalent in our sport. In order to preserve the beautiful clothing you are racing in here are some guidelines:
  • Do not get your body marked before putting on your entire race kit.
  • Do it after you suit is on and only on the exposed skin.
  • Once you go get your body marked, let the ink dry for 20 minutes.  
  • Do not apply any petroleum-based sunscreens over as this will cause the ink to smear.  
  • Unfortunately even the strongest detergents will no remove the ink.  
  • As a last resort you can take it to the dry cleaners - but there is no guarantee there either.  
  • Some dry cleaners will not touch such highly technical fabrics. 
  • Those permanent ink markers leave permanent stains on clothing.  
  • The stains will never come out.  This is why they are called “permanent ink” pens.
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