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A TIP FROM EMILIO: STEP THIS WAY! (An easy way to put on & remove a tri top)

Full-Zip Tri Tops are all the rage.  We sell lots of them, but our biggest sellers are still Half-Zip Tops.  The advantages of half-zip tops are they usually cost a bit less, they tend to be longer so they cover the midsection and low back, and you can still unzip for comfort and cooling.  It seems like the only disadvantage is they are harder to put on and take off.  I have a solution for you!


  • Step 1.  Unzip the top.
  • Step 2.  Step into the unzipped neck opening.
  • Step 3.  Pull the top up to onto your hips (the top slips on and off easily over wet shorts.
  • Step 4.  Place one elbow through the arm hole, and pull your hand through.  This prevents from over-stretching the zipper joint, the arm-hole stitching, and the shoulder seams.
  • Step 5.  Place the other elbow in through the other arm hole, and pull your hand through.
  • Step 6.  Zip up!
  • Step 1.  Unzip the top
  • Step 2.  With the hand leading, pull your arm though one arm hole.
  • Step 3.  Repeat with the other arm.
  • Step 4.  Pull the top down off the hips
  • Step 5.  Step out!
Note:   All De Soto tops were all designed with this STEP-IN concept in mind.  While this can most likely be done with other brands, your success with those brands will depend on the length of the zipper, the size of the armholes, and the quality of the fabric and its stitching.  We thought of it all for you!
Emilio De Soto II  - Chief Innovation Jedi
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