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3 Rivers Roadrunners Triathlon Club

3 Rivers Roadrunners Triathlon Club

De Soto Sport is excited and honored to be working with you! Everything is designed and manufactured by hard working humans in our factory here in San Diego. 


START SHIP:  Approximately 6 weeks or less after deadline. 

Free Ground Shipping directly to your address in the USA!

Also, you can buy our Transition Packs for $80 (reg. $180) with your order using this code at checkout:  TRANSITION80

With each order team members will receive a coupon code that will entitle them to buy any other (non-custom) products from our website for 30% off until November 30 of this calendar year.

All items are custom made to order so there is a no return, no exchange, and no refund policy.  We will only make what you order and no additional stock.

If you are in between sizes, in other words, two garments fit you, we recommend you order the smaller of the two. Here is why:
  • The tightest our products ever feel is the first time you put them on.
  • They do loosen up a bit with a number of wearings and washings, and they never shrink.
  • You want our product to be snug and it is better to be too snug than too loose. Garments that are worn snug will stay against the skin and not rub you.
  • Chafing and rashing is typically caused by garments that are worn too loose as the fabric will rub against the skin.
  • This is just our recommendation so if you are not used to wearing garments so they are at their most aerodynamic state, then order the larger size.
Please click on the size chart on each product page.  These sizes are based on measurements taken as follows:


WEIGHT (accuracy helps us provide a more accurate size for you)

CHEST (measured as the largest part of circumference right over the pectoral muscle)

WAIST (circumference measured at the belly-button line - this is NOT the same as your pants waist size)

HIPS (circumference measured at the widest point, NOT at your hips where your belt may go. typically this will measure just a few inches below your hips bones and around the largest part of the glutes.

If you do not have a tape measure and you need something to measure with, use a belt or even your iPhone power cord along with a ruler or a house tape measure.

Questions? email or chat with us!  We are happy to assist you in determine the right size for you.  For the quickest replies, please email us with the above stats.



Free shipping on orders over $49 within the USA.