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Toque d'Neige

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Tested during a chilly week in January of 2012, high in the Canadian Rockies and Cariboo Mountain ranges, where the morning temps that week reached -35°. This warm and cozy knit beanie has been appropriately given the French and Canadian name, Toque (English: /ˈtuːk/; also spelled touque or tuque).

Made of a double-layered knit blend of 96% acrylic and 4% spandex, it is absorbs very little moisture and is quick to dry.

We offer two logo options:

  • 1. Big Logo - This oversized De Soto logo is knitted into the Toque so it will last forever and remain as cool-looking as it is warm.
  • 2. Small Logo - This version has a 2inch x 2inch De Soto logo embroidered on it for a more understated and retro look, that looks classy for sport or dress.

We have made a limited production of each for this winter so get yours now so you are not left out in the cold.

This product comes in one size that fits most people and will shrink a bit if washed in hot water, or placed in a dryer. It dries quickly so we highly recommend washing in cold water and hanging to dry.


Available only on our website.

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