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Femme Trucker Cap

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This trucker is a very cool cap to wear on long hot runs, including any long-distance triathlons and marathons. You will be surprised by the comfort and shade it provides! Made by the same company that makes FlexFit Caps, these are the best quality truckers we have ever offered.


  • Nylon mesh venting in back.
  • Flat-brim that can be curved or spooned if you prefer that look
  • Solid color with a tasteful-size De Soto Femme Logo
  • Medium height foam crown
  • The brim retains its shape when it gets wet, and protects your face and forehead from the sun, while the mesh offers great ventilation
  • Adjustable Snapback closure - one-size-fits-all

Truckers are not for everyone, and you know if they are for you. That is what makes them so special, and that is why we did not make many in each color. Get yours now before they are gone. Trucker caps look better on girls than on guys, but everyone looks better with one than without one!

This item is one product, which comprises less than 2% of our total products that are not made in the USA.


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