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Ceramico Integrated Pads

Ceramico™ Integrated Pad - The Pad is the short, the short is the pad  You have never seen anything like this because it has never existed until now. We have created an integrated pad where the inside of the pad is actually visible from the outside of the short.

Ceramico™ is a polyurethane-based coating that is embedded with rock-hard ceramic particles on the outside creating the most durable pad in the world. This environmentally-friendly innovation is completely free of solvents. You will find different thickness and shapes of Ceramico™ Pads in the:

  • Forza Grupo (thickness 4mm)
  • Riviera Grupo (thickness 7mm)
  • 400-Mile Bibshorts and 400-Mile Bike Shorts (thickness 14mm)

These pad stretch in all directions and completely eliminate all seams between your body and the saddle, thus create the most comfortable ride possible.  The pads for triathlon and road bikes are shaped differently to accommodate forward-rotated pelvic position when on a steeper seat angle bike versus a more conventional road bike position. All our pads are made with a proprietary foam fiber that floats when it gets wet.  The fiber absorbs very little moisture this allowing for a quick-drying garment, when washed and hung to dry so you never have to put it in a dryer.