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Gail Lohman


Why Tri? - I tri because I love the training, love the people involved in the sport, and because it's fun!!!!
Favorite sport and distance - My favorite of the three disciplines changes from day to day.  I started with biking, added in running and then learned to swim. 70.3 distance is my favorite because I get to train somewhat long and still have a life outside triathlon. There is energy left to go out for dinner and a movie or go to a party and not be a zombie. 
Interesting fact -  The most interesting fact about me is that I learned to swim at age 49 so I could do an IM at 50.  You know, a bucket list item.  It was only going to be one and done.  Like most people, I got hooked and have done many since then. Like I said earlier - it's fun.
Favorite pre race meal - pizza.  Favorite post race meal - pizza.  I'm a purist...I like it plain.  OK I also like a nice chocolate protein shake.

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