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All T1 Wetsuits are made of GreenGoma™a limestone rubber...bye-bye petroleum wetsuits!

Until recently, all triathlon wetsuits have been made of petroleum. We were first in the industry to introduce limestone rubber into our wetsuits, all T1 Wetsuits incorporate this amazing GreenGoma™ technology.

So what does this mean to YOU? GreenGoma™ rubber is 98.9% water impermeable with more of a closed cell injection construction. It offers better stretch, buoyancy, durability, and insulation than many other synthetic rubbers on the market. The only part of the rubber that gets wet is the new stretch liner that is now made up of recycled post-consumer products. GreenGoma™  has the added benefit of being lightweight, quick-drying and lasts longer than traditional synthetic rubber used to construct wetsuits.  

We offer two types of GreenGoma™ rubber:

1. GreenGoma™ #8 Rubber:  a high quality, buoyant, stretchy, and highly durable rubber with a slick composite outer surface skin for speed in the water and fast removal out of the water.  It is found in our Black Pearl and Speed Collection models making these pieces superior suits at an affordable price.

2. GreenGoma™ #9 Rubber:  all the same features as the #8 Rubber above, with a bit more closed cells and better stretch; making it more buoyant.  This rubber is found in the First Wave models making these pieces the very best wetsuit money can buy. Yet you will still find the First Wave to be more affordably priced that other brands.


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