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GreenGoma™ Swim Cap

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  • Made of 3 mm GreenGoma™ #9 Limestone-Derivative Rubber so there is no need for Velcro straps.
  • The thin profile chinstrap maximizes comfort, while minimizing chafing and breathing obstruction.
  • This cap will add 5-7 degrees (F) of warmth and water temperature comfort.
  • Added buoyancy of the head makes it easier to lift the head to site and breathe.
  • Cut high on the back of the neck to avoid chafing while siting.


A TIP FROM EMILIO: Swimming in really cold water?

Try Emilio's GreenGoma™ Swim Cap Sandwich

Ingredients: 1 GreenGoma™ Swim Cap, 2 latex rubber or silicone swim caps.

  1. Put on the first latex rubber swim cap. Make sure it covers your temples and forehead.
  2. Put on the GreenGoma™ Swim Cap over the first latex swim cap. Again and more importantly, make sure it covers your temples and forehead and that it sits just above your eyebrows as shown in the photo. This will eliminate "Brain Freeze", or "Ice Cream Headache."
  3. Finally put on the last latex cap. Make sure it covers the front and back of the GreenGoma™ Swim Cap.

If done properly, your hair will most likely be dry when you exit the water, but more importantly, your head, and your body will stay warm...and your fingers will actually work!

I have raced Escape from Alcatraz over a dozen times (twice without a wetsuit). I have raced in the Puget Sound, the English Bay in Vancouver, and in the Milford Sound on the New Zealand's South Island. All are races where the water temperature was between 48 - 54 degrees F (9 - 12 degrees C). This Sandwich works...I guarantee it!

NOTE ON HOW TO PUT IT ON:  We have seen a few people put in on wrong. In other words, people intuitively want to put their head into the bigger of the two openings, but that is wrong. Try to put your head first into the small opening of the cap as that part goes around your neck and the big part is your face.  You will know if you have it on correctly when the GreenGoma logo is on the back of your head.



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