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This protective and versatile headwear can also be worn as a face mask or to cover the entire head including the ears.

  • Made of Skin Cooler™ 90 fabric, it is a high-tech, non-absorbent, tightly knitted, stretchy fabric.
  • The thickness of the fabric is the same as the 1-ply mask. Fold it in half, the two layers become the same as as the 2-ply mask. Fold it in thirds the three layers become the same as the 3-ply mask.
  • Dimensions: 19.5" long with a circumference of 19"
  • Laying flat it is 19.5" long x 9.5" at the openings
  • It is reusable, machine washable and dry-able.  
  • It can be used for protection from the cold wind in cold climates, and from the heat and sun in hot climates.
  • 80% poly/20% elastane
  • Made in the USA, made in California, made in San Diego, made in our own building.

THE HEADTUBE WORKS WELL ON CHILDREN:  Simply use a piece of strapping that comes in the Mask Comfort Kit to tie a small knot in the upper back as shown in the photos below.



CARE INSTRUCTIONS:  Just like any other garment, we take careful measures to keep all products clean during production, but we always recommend you wash anything you ever buy first before wearing.  These are machine washable and dry-able, but better to hand wash and line dry.

DISCLAIMER: De Soto Sport makes no claim as to the level of protection.  This mask is not certified, as given the urgency in unprecedented times, as we are simply doing our part to help stop the spread.  This is merely a mask made to provide a barrier and given the fabric and its properties, may fare better than certain CDC suggestions, such as a cotton bandana. This mask does meet all CDC and WHO guidelines.  We cannot and will not guarantee it will prevent any sort of illness or virus.  Please use at your own risk and personal protection. 

ALL SALES ARE FINAL: In accordance with California PPE imposed guidelines, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges.


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A De Soto Sport Customer
Alan T.
United States United States
Like Father, Like Son!

After trying many styles and fabrics, the skin cooler head tube proved to be the best masking option for both me and Dad (now 93!) Being around the neck, the mask is always available and facilitates one-handed, on-or-off positioning. It stays in place and eliminates fiddling. The tube is long enough to be folded into two, three, or even layers. The fabric is cool, the most comfortable, and the best feeling on-the-face fabric that we have found especially when doing activities. Finally, the head tube does not interfere with the behind-the-ear hearing aids that we both wear. Like father, like son!

Kathleen P.
United States United States

I got a mask and head tube and they’re both great. The mask is great for working out and I always wear the head tube on hikes where it serves multiple purposes. Great products!!!

United States United States

Purchased DeSoto Skin Cooler Headtube. Great product with multiple uses. One of best uses is for Covid-19 protection while hiking out on the trail when you pass-by other hikers. Easily pulls up to cover nose & mouth. Simple act for extra protection.

Fred T.
United States United States
Get one!

Great cover. Very comfortable.

Fred T.
United States United States
Fantastic product

Super comfortable. Really good even when it’s warm inside or outside.

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