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Atlantic City 70.3 - A First Of Sorts

By Scott Gill

Atlantic City 70.3, my second HIM race in two weeks.  My plan was to carryover my fitness from Lake Placid 70.3 into this race for a big PR.  But, as it turns out, I brought something else back with me from the Adirondacks, Peroneal Tendinitis. 

The weather conditions in Atlantic City not only transformed this very flat course into an epic race adventure, but also provided the perfect environment for a very speedy run leg.  This was extremely frustrating for me since I knew my running ability would be severely limited.

The swim was washing machine…  But I was excited to use my new De Soto T1 First Wave wetsuit.  I recently upgraded to the First Wave and quickly figured out that, even though there are noticeable benefits during the swim, the bike is where I really reap the benefits.  My shoulders and back are no longer sore and swollen after the swim, which allows me to relax and get into a more aerodynamic and comfortable position on the bike.  This was key in Atlantic City because it was pouring, the roads were slick, and I never knew if a puddle was going to be a puddle, or a pothole disguised as a puddle.

Even with the rain, I was able to put together a strong ride and earned myself a 15-minute PR!  I taped up my foot in transition (not easy in the rain) and started for the boardwalk.  It didn’t take me long to realize that running was not in the cards today.  However, the volunteers were amazing, and I looked great in my Riviera Flisuit (the fly totally came in handy), so I decided to try to walk/run the half marathon and get my medal. 

I started to run a little once I hit the boardwalk, which was kinder to my feet, but I was still mostly walking, then augmented walking, then limping…  By mile seven I could only manage a slow, painful limp and my body temperature was dropping with the lack of movement.  So, completely content with my efforts, I took my first DNF since starting triathlon seven years ago.  And, although I regret not being able to run my best race, thanks to the incredible volunteers, friendly competitors and that lobster dish at Olon, I had a fantastic weekend nonetheless!

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