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Our ambassadors are comprised of athletes from around the world. Some are new to the sport while others are long-term seasoned athletes. We know that in addition to triathlon you are successful in juggling life and overcoming hurdles. It's not easy being a parent, going to school, working full time, volunteering, and many other responsibilities, all while balancing three sports. Somehow you still find time to breathe and recover. Our athletes create a small niche specialized community. They are unique in their own special way, but they all share one thing in common - their love to train and race in De Soto Sport while inspiring others.
Are you a true fan of De Soto Sport? Do you have a personal story you would like to share? If you answered yes we want to hear from you. 
We often feature our athletes on our blog for their amazing accomplishments. A few examples are "Training In The Off Season - Spartan", "My First 50-Miler", "Training and Racing in the North Pool", "Mentoring Triathlon Youth", "Lemons to Lemonade - My First DNF". 
Please send your story to and you might be chosen to be featured on an upcoming blog, Facebook and or email. Photos are highly encouraged. 
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