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Did you know? Big Smart Pockets for Big Smartphones

The Tuesday Run Short and the Solana Run Short, have pockets designed like a funnel and are made of a durable mesh fabric.  While the original reason for the design of these larger pockets was to fit Powerbars and large “Factory Pilot” sunglasses which were popular in the early 1990’s, little did we know 30 years later we would be writing how the largest smartphones fit into the same pocket.

The mesh has a slight stretch in the horizontal direction.  The phone is “hugged” by the mesh, so sits in place, even though the velcro does not close when inserting larger phones.  Smaller phones will fit inside with the velcro closed.

The photos here show largest phone made by that company which, for the sake of respecting trademark and copyrights, will not be named here. (HINT:  According to legend, this fruit fell on Sir Isaac Newton's head, inspiring his theory of gravitational force. 

Shown is the largest model of 7th version.  Dimensions:  6.23in x 3.07in x .29in (158.2mm x 77.9mm x 7.3mm).

The 10th version is slightly smaller in length and width, and 1/100 of an inch thicker.  Dimensions:  6.20in x 3.05in x .3in (157.5mm x 77.4mm x 7.7mm).

KEEP YOUR SHORTS UP!  Remember to tie the drawcord as the weight of the phone may cause the shorts to drop on the side in which it is carried. By the way, that beefy shoelace-looking drawcord was in the original short and still is.  The reason for that drawcord was so you can dive into the Southern California surf without losing your shorts.  There is one more reason….at the famous Tuesday Run in the early 1990’s new guys would commonly get their shorts “pantsed.”  It is a different era now.  If the Tuesday Run still existed, this would not happen, mostly because we have all grown up a little!

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  • Hey peeps I use my Desoto big pocket for my big smart phone every time I workout and it’s perfection! This is a great design and I never break my screen or lose my phone during my workout! The best shorts for athletes, I can’t preach the virtues enough! Tough durable good looking give them a try, you won’t be disappointed!!!

    Erik Sjogren

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