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DID YOU KNOW? If wetsuits make you break out in a rash, its time to try a T1 Wetsuit.

This is Josh Goldner,  prior to owning a T1 Wetsuit, he wrote us this:
"I am a three time ironman (working on my fourth). I am limited by which races I can do as I have had an allergic reaction to neoprene wetsuits. I have tried multiple brands and break out in an itchy read rash all over my body. How is the GreenGoma™ Rubber in your suits different?"
Josh was limited to racing in the few triathlons where the water is warm enough to swim without a wetsuit.  Shortly after we came out with GreenGoma Rubber, we began to get inquiries from desperate people who have never been able to find a wetsuit they could wear without breaking out in this rash.  We have become quite familiar with people who have had Theoria (Thiourea) or other forms of contact dermatitis as a result of contact with certain wetsuit rubbers used in the market.  They sought us out hoping our rubber is different, and it is!
Other companies use petroleum based rubber, but we use GreenGoma™ Limestone rubber and a glue that is free of most chemicals that cause rashes like this.  T1 WETSUITS are made of a different material, but it goes beyond the fact that it is still a Neoprene.  It has to do with what that Neoprene is made of.
For the sake of transparency, we will tell you that we DO NOT have any certification proving the above statements.  They simply do not exist in any credible form, but if you suffer from these rashes with other brands, it might be worth you trying a T1 Wetsuit.  
We have a 94% percent success rate. Close to 100 people who have suffered these rashes in other brands, including Josh, are now wearing a T1 Wetsuit with no allergic affects at all We have a process we can walk you through to test ours.  Please contact us for details.
As for Josh, he just completed Ironman Austria a few weeks ago in 10 hours 5 minutes 6 seconds.  Yes, he is that good…and so is the T1 Wetsuit.
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  • I believe I have contact dermatitis from diethyl thiourea as I own a Patagonia surf suit that I had high hopes for but sadly am still effected, are your suits free from this chemical?


    Jeremy Janes
  • I too purchased a De Soto T1 Concept 5 wetsuit due to severe allergic reactions from multiple triathlon wetsuit manufacturers. I however, fall into the 6% category of people that did not have success with the Green Goma wetsuit. While I can’t speak highly enough for the quality and workmanship of the De Soto wetsuit, I unfortunately cannot wear it. I’m wondering if anybody else in the 6% category has found success with anything else.

    Kevin Lowe

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