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Femme Riviera "Sneak-A-Poo" Trisuit aka "Bathroom Friendly"

I've been a triathlete for over 10 years. Throughout the decade I've raced sprint, olympic, half Ironman and full Ironman distances. Endurance races - 70.3 and 140.6 - are my favorite! For longer races such as these, I prefer a one-piece for a variety of reasons.

  • When I'm in the aero position for long periods of time I find the waistband will dig-in to my stomach, causing discomfort and or GI distress
  • I'm usually distracted by tugging at the back of my jersey or pulling up my shorts (eliminating my aero position) to ensure my back is fully covered to prevent a sunburn.
  • They are faster, more aerodynamic than 2-piece suits
  • They smooth over any lumps a 2-piece suit may pronounce and keep us confident and focused on our race, not our clothing.

What turns me off from racing in a one-piece trisuit?
Bathroom stops! No woman wants to wrestle her suit off in a gross porta potty and carefully hold it in place so it doesn't touch anything. Our focus needs to be on racing, not bathroom logistics.

I've also worked in the triathlon market for over a decade, mainly as a buyer that specialized in women's specific triathlon and cycling apparel. The overwhelming feedback from fellow female triathletes indicates bathroom stops are the number one reason they choose to race in a two-piece. It's much easier to pull the bottom down, back up, and you're off. Over the years I've stressed this feedback to many triathlon brands, all which did nothing. I don't know if they didn't believe me, didn't want to take the risk, or just thought the female market was too small to make such a large investment. The technology, research & design isn't cheap.

Then I came to De Soto Sport, who listened. They understood the problem and created a solution. Was it cheap? No. Was it easy? No. Is triathlon easy? No. For this reason, De Soto Sport said YES and created the first women's specific bathroom friendly one-piece trisuit. They ARE the brand that listened to the female athlete. The suit is creatively named "Femme 'Sneak-A-Poo' Riviera Trisuit". Why Sneak-A-Poo? It's discrete and you can go easily go #1 or #2 without hassle. A reinforced zipper starts at the back hip and crosses to the other side. The inside is lined with a soft fabric to eliminate irritation or chafing. The zipper has a unique design and almost zips itself back into place! No struggling here. Literally, unzip, squat, pull through your legs and go.


When you're done, stand up and rezip. I guarantee it will be easy, breezy. :) The other plus+1 of this suit is that it has a longer torso. De Soto has tested this suit on many different female body types and it's proven to be a winner.
I'd like to call out a few more features and benefits of this suit so you can see De Soto really thought of everything!

  • Mobius Compression fabric, fabric that is compressive but not overly tight or restricting
  • Skin Cooler™ 90  fabric on the back, front, shoulders and sleeves. This fabric blocks harmful UVB rays while creating a cooling sensation when wet. FIT NOTE ~ It might feel really snug when you first put it on. This is a normal! The tightest it will ever fit will be the first time you wear the suit. It will slightly relax after a wear.
  • Femme 4mm Float Pad provides comfort on the bike and goes unnoticed on the run - it's antibacterial, moisture wicking and provides 4-way stretch
  • Front zipper allows on-the-go ventilation; top zip garage prevents zipper bites
  • Three pockets - one on the back and one on each back leg for all of your fuel needs!
  • Leg inseam is long enough to stay in place without "squeezy", unattractive grippers
  • Designed by women, made by women, tested by women of many different shapes and sizes.


This suit is not like anything you've ever seen. Therefore it will feel different than other one-piece suits. Don't be scared off by this! De Soto has done thorough testing (no garment malfunctions!) AND offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Wear it, test it, love it. You have nothing to lose.
Finally, ladies, we can focus purely on racing and have technical comfort!

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  • We LOVE hearing from our customers. Thanks for the feedback gentleman. This is something we will consider. ~ De Soto Sport

  • Hey guys, fantastic and have you done a men’s one? I so have the same issue and are looking for a solution

    Nathan Scott
  • More men than women do triathlon why our why don’t you one for males


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