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The Biggest Winner

Some months ago, we posted an article called "If We Build it, Will You Come?"  In conjunction with the blog, we polled many Athena athletes asking them what barriers they face when seeking technical apparel.  We received an overwhelming response that many women are discouraged if not outright fearful to buy their current size apparel.  Why?  Well, many Athenas, just like all women, may be trying to get more fit, be healthier and even lose weight or inches.  It seems indulgent or not wise to dish out a good amount of money when their goal is to get more fit with exercise that may very well result in losing body mass.  Please don't mistake what I'm saying - this is not all Athenas and many are happy with their body and weight and so are we!  But I am sure you yourself can think of a time when you wanted to lose to some weight or just simply tone up.

However, I have always wanted to fit and allow women of all body types, sizes and weights to be comfortable while working out.  After all, who wants to work out wrapped in cotton sweats and t shirt?  We all have those days where we are not motivated to work out and if you're anything like me, you put on your favorite or better yet, even a new outfit to get you out the door.  I am completely confident if I had to put on some non-breathable, heavy garment that I wouldn't do that workout.  So we got to thinking, how can we overcome this very real barrier to getting these women who truly want to be healthier to buy the clothing which will in turn help them achieve their goals?

That's when we came up with the Biggest Winner!  We have decided that for each full priced garment you buy, if you need to size down within a two year period, we will allow you to purchase the same garment (or newer model) for 50% off.  So if you buy our women's tri short (WCTS2) in size XXL and you lose inches, you can buy a new tri short in size XL for 50% off.  Or if you buy our Riviera Compression Tri Short in XL and you size down to a size Large, you've got it - 50% off.  If you buy our women's tri capri in XXL (because yes, you've asked and we've accepted that we will now make this in XXL too!) and you size down to XL, get the idea.  Half price. 

So - order up and when you are sized down, email us for your Congratulatory Email for the Biggest Winner to get your 50% off code.  We, at De Soto, will stand by you through  your training, your sweat and tears - both of frustration and joy - and to break down the barriers to dressing the way you deserve to achieve the goals you make. 


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  • Wow! Such a great idea! Thank you!

    Raechel Kolb
  • What a great initiative! Thank you for introducing such a practical and encouraging concept to your business!


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