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New Inspiration: Jellyfish


By Tracy M. De Soto, Lead Femme Designer, CFO, Triathlete and Mother

As a fellow lover of water, and I do mean all water: pools, lakes, and especially the ocean, I am especially proud of our jellyfish collection that is being launched. 

I can't take all of the credit as our middle son has been obsessed with sea creatures since he was about 9 months old.  Every single one of this birthday parties has been centered around some sort of sea creature.  And to feed his passion, we have tried, as a family to take him to every aquarium we come within close proximity to, and some we have even made long road trips to experience. 

At these aquariums, I must admit, I am so drawn to the jellyfish.  Aren't we all?  They are simply mesmerizing.  The aquarium in Monterrey has a huge exhibit; Seattle has a pass that you get to go through, Legoland allows you to stand in the center of the tank and many, if not all, have the psychedelic colorful lights changing behind them. 

So after taking countless photos, it occurred to me that this would be an awesome print!  After all, we ALL love water, or at least appreciate it being the first (or last) leg of every single triathlon.  Water is within us, it's from where we come, and it's the majority of our Earth. 

De Soto Sport has supported water organizations like Surfrider, Baykeeper and others because water is necessary, therapeutic and healing and necessary to be a triathlete.  I hope you enjoy the jellyfish ocean theme on this limited edition collection as much as my family does!  

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